Jumping into the pond

Planning a trip can make me break out in hives, warts, athlete’s foot and a case of the vapors.

There’s no shortage of online sites to book with. As long as you’re willing to put your trip in the hands of a faceless automaton, go right ahead. If you actually have a question and can reach a real person, be prepared to be put on hold 43 times only to be told “just ask when you check in to your hotel.” That’s not the time I want to discover that there aren’t any “no smoking” rooms left or that the event I planned to attend needed to be booked in advance.

Next is the cost. Doesn’t anyone understand that price is important, especially in today’s world?  “No, I don’t want the super deluxe, ultra-concierge room.  I asked for a shuttle, not a stretch limo with a fully stocked bar.”

Worse yet is having to do everything a la carte. “Let’s see, if my flight gets in at 2:23, I need to book a rental car for 3:12 pick up. When I book the hotel, I should tell them 4:06 check-in. Great! I can book a dinner reservation for 5:17. Wait! No, the flight is at 3:12, not the car.  What time did I book the car/hotel/dinner for? ARGH!!

That’s how I discovered “Toad’s Travels.” Let me tell you, the head Toad is one astute amphibian. Best of all, the entire Toad team knows their stuff and keeps an eye out for deals. Finally, people like me who understand that I want to have a fantastic, hassle free time and not have to cash in the family jewels to pay for it.

This is one “roamer” who is turning in her web-surfing for a permanent spot in Toad’s pond. Why not hop on in with me? You’ll be glad that you did.

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