Disney Dream Entertainment

In January, 2011, Disney Cruise Line will launch the first of its two new ships – Disney Dream. Many have wondered about the nightly entertainment that Disney will offer on this new vessel.

We have heard that “The Golden Mickeys” will continue on the Disney Dream with some new musical numbers, more special effects and technology. “Villains Tonight”, which debuted on the Disney Magic earlier this year, will also be shown on the Disney Dream. This show focuses on the Disney villains with a comical twist with Hades as the lead.

There will also be a new show called “Disney’s Believe”, a story about botanist Dr. Cornelius Greenaway who is so focused on his plants that he misses his daughter, Sophia’s, birthday. Sophia makes a special birthday wish and is greeted by the Genie from “Aladdin” to make her wish come true. The Genie takes Dr. Greenaway on a trip into Disney stories with characters including Princess Tiana, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Belle and Rafiki.

Disney Cruise Line will also have “Sailing Away”, a deck show with the famous Disney characters.

Lots of questions have been asked about the Pirate’s in the Caribbean deck party. This will continue on the Disney Dream, but in a much grander style! The entire Disney Dream will be transformed into a pirate ship one night during each sailing. You will still see Mickey’s Pirates in the Caribbean show at the Donald Pool stage. This party will be followed by “Club Pirate”, with a special appearance from Captain Jack Sparrow. This is a high tech dance party. Both of these parties are followed by “Buccaneer Blast”, a fireworks display over the Disney Dream, choreographed to songs from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, Peter Pan and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Are you sailing on the Disney Dream in 2011? If not, we can get you on this newest Disney Cruise!

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