Disney Visa Kids Free offer from WDW

Today Disney released its latest promotion – Disney Visa Kids Free.  With this promotion, children 3-9 years old will stay and play for free.  Basically this means that their park tickets will be free.   Minimum stays are not available at this time.  This promotion cannot be combined with other offers and availability is limited.   A deposit with your Disney Visa is required at the time of booking.

Travel dates for this offer are February 17 to October 1, 2011 with black out dates between April 17 – April 27 and June 15 – August 13.  Dates prior to April 16, 2011 must be booked by February 13, 2011 and the remainder of the dates must be booked by March 27, 2011.

As with most Disney Visa offers, we expect that this will be available to the general public, likely as soon as Sunday or Monday.  If you are interested in this offer, please indicate in the notes of your quote request that you have a Disney Visa.  Otherwise, we cannot book this offer until it is released to the general public.  For your quote, please follow this link http://travelonadream.com/quote.html.

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