Let The Adventure Begin

Missing blogs have been found.  This was from Tuesday morning, 1/18.

We left much earlier yesterday for the airport hotel then experted due to the weather.  That was a great plan.  Our usual 1 1/2 hour drive took over 3 hours.  We made it safe and sound, unlike some other drivers who were in a hurry and wound up in the ditch.

We checked into the hotel and checked our flight status.  Still scheduled to be on time!  After dinner we settled in for the night.  I had forgotten what it was like traveling with my sister.  After “lights out” it was another 1 1/2 hours before the giggling stopped and we all tried to sleep.  We were awakened multiple times due to snowplows, showers in a neighboring room, more snowplows.  Finally 4am came and it was time to get ready to go.   Soon we were o. The shuttle to the airport and in no time at all through security and to the gate.  There were many TSA agents around which surprised us.  When we lined up for boarding, they were checking coffee cups for. Vapors, I’m guessing for explosives.

We had a fairly empty flight so in no time we were off to driving and in the air!  Florida here we come.

We went over all the shows and attractions, etc. for each Disney park with Amy to get an idea of what she might like to do.  The plan was to arrive, take Magical Express to Wilderness Lodge, check in to the resort and the event, eat lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe then off to Animal Kingdom for a few hours.  With the park closing at 5:00 tonight, we’d have to have a good plan.

Kilimanjaro Safari, It’s Tough To Be a Bug and the Festival of the Lion King were must dos.  Dinosaur was a maybe.  We’d like to see Finding Nemo the Musical, but there may not be time.

More to come.  We have now arrived at the Walt Disney World resort!!!

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