A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes the subject matter needs more than a thousand words.  This is how we felt going onboard the Disney Dream.

We saw many pictures before getting on the Disney Dream, but none of them captured the true beauty of the ship.

After the Christening Event, we got champagne and hors d’oeuvres.  We again went through security and made our way upstairs.  We waited a long time while the ship was repositioned and boarding finally began.

Walking in the Atrium was an amazing experience.  Everything sparkled.  The Atrium did not seem as large as I thought it would be based on pictures, but my imagination had it much larger than it realistically could be.  This was about right.  What was really amazing were the views from deck 4 as you approach the Atrium.

We immediately went up to the D Lounge to try to get Palo reservations.  We had to get on a waitlist however, which was ok.  The D Lounge will be the Studio Sea equivalent on the Dream.

We then were able to get into our rooms and dropped off our carry ons.  More on the rooms in my next blog.  We went up to the Cabanas and had lunch.  They have two sides that are the same, just like at Topsiders and Beach Blanket Buffet.  However, there are more stations/sections on each side.

When you come in to Cabanas, you are asked for the number of guests dining and if you want to eat inside or outside.  You then are shown a table and silverware is placed on the table to hold it for you.  You can then go through the line.  While this is nice that they find you a table, I wish they would do so after I get my food.  Otherwise, you are walking back and forth multiple times unnecessarily.  Also, because the aft elevators end up just outside of Cabanas, you must go through Cabanas to get to the pool deck.  This means they are stopping to ask you about a table when you are just passing through.  I have a feeling this will be changed in the future.

The food at Cabanas was very good.  We had both lunch and breakfast there.  In each seating area there are drink stations with coffee, tea, milk, soda and juice.  When the seating area wasn’t being used, the drink stations did not work.  There was also a bar at the back of Cabanas.

In addition to the drink stations in Cabanas, there are two 24 hour drink stations at the aft end of the pools, one on either side of the ship.

After having our lunch, we decided to explore!  The pool areas are different than on the other two ships.  First, the Cabanas outside dining area is around the aft stack.  From this area in front of the stack you have Nemo’s Reef, which is a splash zone for kids 8 and under.  Then you have a raised deck with the Mickey slide on the starboard side and a shower on the port side.  Next comes the Mickey pool and another raised deck followed by the Donald pool and finally the stage.  This brings us to the forward funnel with the Ariel View screen.  On the starboard side by the edge of the deck there is a double hot tub for families.  Both pools can be covered for parties on deck.  Around this whole area is the AquaDuck.

On the starboard side of the forward funnel is Flo’s Diner which includes pizza, hot dogs and burgers, salads and sandwiches.  Think of Goofy’s Galley, Pluto’s Dog House and Pinocchio’s Pizzeria all lined up together.  On the port side, there is Frozone’s Treats and EyeScream.  Past this area is the adult only areas of the ship.  The adult pool is a bit skewed towards the starboard side.  There is a bar at the end both accessible from the pool and outside the pool.  There is an area for lounge chairs at the other end of the pool.  The pool basically has three sections – ankle deep, shoulder deep and waist deep.  For the ankle deep end, there are benches throughout to sit on.  The waist deep end has benches where you can sit and be underwater to your neck.  The pools seems smaller than both the Magic and the Wonder’s pool.  It is also mostly in the shade due to the placement of the deck opening above.  Over on the port side is a double hot tub like in the family area.  The hot tubs have a partial glass bottom where you can see the lifeboats below and glass outer wall facing the ocean.

Towards the aft of the pool is Cove Café.  We didn’t have a chance to experience that this trip so we’ll save that for another review.  Up the stairs to deck 12 was an area for lounge chairs.  Up to deck 13 from here was Currents Bar.  We sat here before sailaway and found this to be a very comfortable bar.  The views up here were great, though only looking towards the aft of the ship.  We sat up here on Pirate Night and had a great view of the fireworks.

Around to the back of Currents, there was plenty of deck area to lounge in the sun.  There were also a few nice cubbie areas with some shade.  The Concierge deck was on this level as well.  Heading towards the back of the ship, down on deck 12 you will come to the entrance to the AquaDuck.  Here you climb a set of stairs then duck into the funnel and climb a couple more flights.  You are loaded on to the raft, hold on tight and cross your legs (for the person in front) and off you go!  There is a drop to start off to give you speed and you immediately head out over the side of the ship.  I was still focused on the drop that I didn’t realize we were off the side until we were back over the ship.  There are two places where they accelerate you and then you head into the forward funnel.  The ride down the starboard side of the ship is more like a fast flowing lazy river.  You make one last curve around the aft funnel and come to a stop.

Behind the AquaDuck is the Wave Bar.  We didn’t experience this bar but it looks like a nice place to check out.  Going up to Deck 13 from here is Goofy’s Sports Deck.  There are basketball courts and even a miniature golf course.  There is a sport simulator up there but it wasn’t open so we couldn’t check that out.

We will continue on with more in a bit of the inside of the ship!

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  1. Posted by ANDREW on January 23, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    Best report and photos that i have read


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