Inside the Disney Dream

We’re on to the inside areas on the Disney Dream! When you first come onboard you are in the Atrium on deck 3 of the Disney Dream. Immediately to the right is Guest Services with an area to sit across from the desk. To your left in the middle of the ship is the Royal Palace. Moving through the Atrium, you will have an elevator bank of six on the right. On the other side of the elevators is the Bon Voyage bar. Next to the bar right in the middle of the port side of the Atrium is a sitting area. On our sailing, a desk was set up there for some of the media. Just to the right of the entrance to the Royal Palace is a grand staircase going down to deck 2 and one going up to deck 4.

Heading toward the forward end of the ship you will find the shops. On the starboard side is Whitecaps. Here you will find liquor, perfume, handbags, jewelry. On the port side is Mickey’s Mainsail which had similar items to Mickey’s Mates on the Magic and the Wonder. In the middle of the ship was Sea Treasures. Mostly adult clothing, hats, mugs, photo frames were in this store. Here are some photos from Sea Treasures.

Still continuing forward, on either side of the ship was Preludes, a counter service bar for servicing the theater. In the middle are the forward elevators and staircase. Just a little further forward is the Walt Disney Theater. The theater was beautiful and much larger than on the Magic and Wonder. The theater also has a balcony. When you exit the balcony on deck four, there are doors to go out to the outdoor deck. This track goes around the ship, just like on the Magic and Wonder. 2.5 laps is a mile. If you walk forward, you will find a staircase on the port side of the ship. This will take you up to the Vibe. The accessible entrance is on deck 5 forward.

Heading back inside and making our way back to the Atrium and back of the ship, we walked on the port side. After the forward elevators was the Buena Vista Theater. We didn’t have a chance to go in to this theater on this trip. After the theater was the atrium area. From the port side we walked through Shutters. Just off to the aft of the Atrium down a short hall was the Art Gallery. Inside there were some enchanted art as well as many other pieces of artwork.

Around to the starboard side of the Atrium was the Vista Café.

Heading back toward the forward end, you could find the shopping guide, DVC guides and the Future Cruise Sales people.

Heading back towards the aft of the ship, you can only go down the port side. The first room you will come to is the D Lounge, the Studio Sea equivalent on the Dream. When you continue down the hall, there are portholes with seating available. This leads you to the District which is the adult entertainment/lounge area, similar to Route 66 and Beat Street on the Wonder and Magic.

To the right as you entered the District is a door going to Pink. This was probably our favorite inside bar. Very comfortable place, but we didn’t get a chance to see the champagne “bubbles”. If you continue, you will reach the District Lounge. This reminded me of the Promenade Lounge on the other ships. It is nowhere near the size of the Promenade, but they offered the same type of entertainment. The bar was on the right while the seating area was on the left.

Right next to the District Lounge on the left was 687, which is the Diversions equivalent. This bar got its name from the hull number at the shipyard. The next area is a transition where they can set up food. Beyond here is a hallway with bathrooms on both sides. The next area you come to is near the aft elevators. If you go to either side, you can go out of to the outer deck. Straight ahead you will enter Evolution. This would be the equivalent of Wavebands or Rockin Bar D. We did not spend any time in here on this trip. Toward the port side of Evolution was a door going into the Skyline Lounge. This room was much smaller than I expected. However, the effects inside were wonderful! The bar menus were all electronic as well.

Exiting toward the forward end of Skyline we were back at the aft elevators. Heading forward on this side of the ship, there were a couple doors leading to an interesting seating area outside.

Again continuing forward we were back in Pink. This completed our tour of the District. This was a very popular area every night.
We didn’t have a chance to check out the kids areas and will save that for the next cruise. Since this cruise was only two nights, we also were not able to try all of the restaurants. Over the course of our next two sailings, we will experience all of the restaurants onboard and will review them at that time. We do want to share some pictures however from the restaurants we were able to get into.

Royal Palace

Enchanted Garden

Animator’s Palate

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  1. Posted by Cindy18 on January 25, 2011 at 6:12 AM

    These are incredible pictures. The ship looks truly elegant and beautiful, but for anyone who has memorized the layout of the Magic/Wonder, it’s going to take some mental readjustment!


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