Disney’s Wild Africa Trek

Since the Wild Africa Trek is a new tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we decided to give it a try.  We joined our friends for this tour and had a great time.

It was a cooler day and our only regret was not wearing warmer clothing.  We checked in behind the Dawa Bar and were asked to sign a waiver.  Once everyone was checked in, they took us to the base camp to get fitted for our harnesses. They gave us lockers to use if we had items that could not be taken on the Trek.

Warning to those who are weight-conscious.  You are required to step on a scale!  This was for them to more easily select your harness size.  This is not fool proof  as a couple of us needed different sizes but overall it saved time.  The harnesses were specially designed and therefore were easier to put on.  They had numerous pockets and clips as well.  We each received a water bottle which we were able to keep.  Cameras were ok, but only if they could be secured to your vest.  We were given the impression that my DSLR would not be acceptable but others were permitted to bring theirs.  There would also be many pictures taken by the guides that would be included.  After the Trek, we received a Photopass card and code for a free CD of all the pictures taken.

Now it was time to head out.  But first we got a taste of the suspension bridge.  They had a small one set up so we could “test the waters”.  We then were taken through Harambe Village.  We felt this was to get others wondering about the tour we were on and hopefully drum up some business.  We were taken to the Pangani Forest Trail where we saw the gorillas.  We saw a number of males, then saw a female with her baby, no older than one year old!

We then went off the road to a path less traveled.  We walked through the forest to a trail marker, which then brought us to a researcher with the hippos.  She was feeding him chunks of melon and apples to observe his interaction with the other male.

From here we made our way to the two suspension bridges, over the hippos and crocodiles.  The bridges bounced a bit and were “missing” slats, but we felt completely safe.  Once across, we got a closer look at the crocs from above. 

We then made our way to our private safari vehicle.  We were able to take off all the harness equipment at this point.  On the way we saw more gimmicky part of the tour, but I’ll leave that out of my review.  We boarded our vehicle which had benches around the edge.  This allowed us to move around when we came to a stop.

We made a couple stops off the regular safari trail to take photos.  Our second stop afforded us this view.

The baby giraffe was very interested in us so we stayed longer.  We also saw the mama, who was ok with us between her and her baby.

We went to the overlook after this.  Our meal was wonderful!  Fruit, chicken curry, salmon roll, hummus, pitas, tandoori shrimp, prosciutto & dried beef.  We also had some jungle juice.  This is where the cool temperatures got to us and we were downright cold.  By the way, this is the first sport where you can go to the bathroom so making a stop before you start the tour is essential. 

We got back in our vehicle and went over to see the cheetahs and lions.  Some great views!

After a short stop here we went back to camp, retrieved anything in the lockers and got our photopass codes.

We had a great time.  As for the price, I think it was worth it for the $129 introductory pricing.  Not sure I would feel the same for $189, though it was a fabulous experience.  Though they say no two Treks are alike, it is obviously scripted with the animals being the unknown each time.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Angela in Ohio on January 26, 2011 at 7:21 AM

    Thanks for the review! So are the DSLRs allowed for sure? I would not book this if there is a no camera rule which I’ve seen reported elsewhere. I understand there are photopass photogs there, but if I paid close to 200 bucks for this, I’m going to need my own camera too. Thanks!


  2. Yes, you can bring your DSLR as as long as it can be secured to one of the clips on the harness.


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