Secrets of the Disney Dream

Ok, maybe not all of these are true “secrets”, but they are not known by all so I thought I would let you in on the scoop.

First in the cabin. When you walk in, to get the lights working you are required to insert your Key to the World card in the slot above the light switches. When you pull this out, you have a few seconds to up to 10 minutes of light from the main three lights in the room. All other auxiliary lights, TV and heating/air-conditioning are turned off or switched to a lower energy consumption setting. What they don’t tell you is any card will work in the slot, not just your Key to the World card. We tried a business card and that worked as well. Keep in mind that a paper card however will get pretty beat up in the slot, but a plastic card of any kind (magnetic strip or not) will do the trick. Now, this defeats the purpose of energy conservation, but you can just pull the card so that it isn’t in tight and the lights will go off. We leave the card in the slot and then when we come back to the room, only have to push the card in and we’re set! I like this method better because I don’t have to put my card in a slot to get into the room so there is no need to remove it from the lanyard.

iPod Docking Station. To make this dimmer, just press the snooze button when the alarm is not going off and the clock will get dimmer.
Need a nightlight? You have a few options in the room without bringing one from home. If the main cabin lights are off, there is a switch on the desk marked Nightlight. The main cabin light by the sofa will light dimly.

The wave phones glow when they are on. We take one of the phones and put it in the bathroom. Instant nightlight! If they are too bright in the main cabin, just turn the phone upside down in the holder and the light will be significantly reduced.

Finally, the main cabin lights in the room will dim! There are toggle switches for the bathroom, bed lamps, desk lamps, etc, but the main cabin lights have a push button (though they look like a toggle switch, they return to the same position). If you push and hold the button, the lights will either dim or brighten, depending on where they were set before.

Ever wonder how much time it look to spell out DISNEY DREAM on the side of the ship in cabin lights? It wasn’t as difficult as you would think. All of the stateroom lights are on a network and each have their own IP address. All the crew had to do was send the command from a central location as to what rooms to turn on and viola!

There is a portable hairdryer in the bathroom, but there isn’t an outlet there to use it so you will have to take it to the desk. The hairdryer will fit in any of the outlets as they are adapted already for 220V plugs. However, the power will be significantly reduced. You will want to unplug the wave phones and use that outlet to get 220V power.

On to the stateroom hallways! Have you ever walked off the elevator and were not sure which way to go? Where is forward and aft? Which side is port and which is starboard? There are a number of tricks to help out, without even looking at any signage! While in the elevator/stairs lobby, the elevators are all aft, while the stairs are all forward. In the aft elevators, the enchanted art is all on odd decks and in the forward elevators, it is on the even decks (this may not be true in every situation, but this is what we found). When you get into the hallways, the first way to tell where you are is by the stateroom numbers. The first number is the deck you are on (or if a five digit number, the first two digits are the deck number). The third digit from the end tells you which side and towards the forward to midship or towards the aft area. If the number is 0, you are on the port side midship to forward. If it is 1, you are on the port side, aft. If the number is 5 you are on the starboard side midship to forward. If it is 6, you are on the port side, aft.

Who wants to know numbers though on vacation? Look on the carpet. You will see a world map there. If the map is upright, you are facing forward. If it is upside down, you are facing aft.

Look at the cabin doors. If there is a fish next to your door, you are on the port side (four letters) or left side of the ship facing forward. If there is a seahorse, you are on the starboard side (both start with S) or right side of the ship facing forward. If you see a starfish, somehow you got into the concierge area of the ship. Personally, I think the starfish should be on the regular decks because of the word “star”, but they aren’t going to change it now!

Finally, you can look up to the lights. On the bottom there is a Mickey icon. The head of the three circles points towards the forward end of the ship. The ears point towards the back of the ship. On all but the concierge decks, there are also lines from the medallion. One comes off the “chin” of the icon and one each comes off the “ears”. So if you don’t see the medallion, but see the lines, one line in the middle of the light points forward and two lines going towards the walls points aft.

We are certain there are more “secrets” to learn, but this is what we have found so far.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cindy Haiken on January 31, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    Tracy: This is an amazing amount of information! Can’t believe you mastered all of this so quickly. How do you get into your cabin without putting your card in the slot?



  2. There is no slot. There is a sensor on the door and you just put your card up to the sensor. It will unlock the door and you just turn the handle. I just keep it in my lanyard.


  3. Posted by Tracy Ferguson on January 31, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    thanks for the info..I am always lost..


  4. Posted by Donna on February 2, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    We will be sailing next December on the Dream, and have a 5A Deluxe stateroom with verandah on deck 10; however, it is an adjoining room. Is there any reason for me to request a switch to a nonadjoining room?


    • I really do not think you need to switch to a nonadjoining room. We have had one on all three cruises and it has not been an issue. It is more difficult on the Dream to get a nonadjoining room, especially in the category 5 staterooms.


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