Alaska or Bust, Part One

Once I got over the stress of “what do I pack”, everything got easy.  I thought I woudl start packing our things into suitcases mid-week and was amazed how quickly it went.  In no time we were ready to go.  We’d have to wait until Sunday however.

By Friday, nearly everything was set.  The house was clean, mail held, talked to the neighbors about handling a few things for us while we were gone.  All work was organized for me to be out for this lengthy vacation.  Saturday came and we decided to go shop for a new coat for me.  I would have been fine, but Bill insisted that I needed something different.  This proved to be a challenge at the end of April, but after four hours, we had a new jacket, oil change for the car and all my fish extender gifts.  I was able to mow the lawn in the afternoon too.  We loaded the car with all the checked luggage and went to bed.

The alarm was set for 4:15 am, but we were up before that and too excited to sleep any longer.  The drive to the airport was quiet as it was still early on Easter Sunday.  In no time we were at the airport ready to go.  We half-way expected the airport and flights to be less crowded because it was Easter, but our flight was full.  Our friends picked us up at the airport, but then we planned to just take it easy the rest of the day as we knew Disneyland would be busy.

We were sharing a two bedroom villa at the Grand Californian with some friends.  We relaxed a bit and then went over to the Hearthstone Lounge to meet two other old friends and two new friends.  We shared a bottle of Magicale.  For those who like Rosa Regale, this is made with the same grape in the same style.  We then went Downtown and found out where all the people were.  We had dinner at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.  Just loved the crab and corn chowder!  On the way back to the resort we saw security and a police dog.  One officer was searching a backpack while the other officer was direction traffic away from the location.  My first official “suspicious package” siting!

Our goal today is to stay up until at least 9:00 pm.  After all, we got up at 2:00 am Pacific time and we’re exhausted!  Time to hit the hay and get ready for a fun filled day at Disneyland tomorrow!

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