Alaska Or Bust, Damn You Jet Lag!

It’s 3:30 am and I wake up.  Not for a quick bathroom break and back to sleep.  Though I tried, I just laid there awake.  30 minutes go by, again just tossing and turning, wide awake.  My mind starts to wonder.  Did a new discount for WDW come out today?  The sensation I had when sitting at the desk last night, was that an earthquake, even if it was small? What will the weather be like today?  What are we going to do today?  Ok, forget it, I’m up.  Luckily Bill doesn’t care if I start up my computer and catch up on emails, etc.   It’s gonna be a long day!

I know people will think I’m crazy, but one ride I just must go on today or tomorrow is the Storybook Canal boat ride.  I just love that!  I also love all the rides that Walt Disney World does not have like Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Indiana Jones, California Screamin’.  The Matterhorn is ok, but the first three trips to Disneyland it was down for refurb so it hasn’t earned a place in my heart.

We started out the day getting our tickets and then getting our Fastpasses for World of Color.  We were in California Adventure for the rope drop and made our way to Toy Story Mania! first.  Very short wait first thing in the morning.  Then we went over to California Screamin’.  We all love that roller coaster, but I can usually only do it once or twice.  We then went over to get a tortilla at the Mission exhibit.  Unfortunately, the machines were not working.  Bummer!  That’s one of my highlights usually!  I love the flour tortillas.  We’ll check back later.

After this is when I started becoming disenchanted with California Adventure.  I love this park, but there is so much construction going on, it is difficult to see much.  Half of Paradise Pier is closed.  The entrance to where Cars Land will be is blocked off (so most of where the Bugs area with the gardens and shops).  More than half of Sunshine Plaza is closed and areas on the back side of Grizzly River Run.  A section where the trolley is in Hollywood is still blocked off (this was blocked last year when we were there) and the entire entrance to the park is blocked.

We ended up in a shop in Hollywood the spotted a menu item at Award Weiners to have an early lunch.  Funny, two of us ordered the Portobello Cheese Steak sandwich which clearly was vegetarian on the menu but the two cast members pointed out that it was a totally vegetarian dish.  Must have been a few complains about that!

We then left California Adventure and went over to Disneyland.  Too long of a wait at Indiana Jones so we went to Haunted Mansion.  Too long of a wait at Pirates and Big Thunder Mountain so we went on the Storybook Canal boats!!  Then off to Toontown where the wait for Roger Rabbit’s was also too long.  The early awake time now was getting to me so we took the train to Tomorrowland then the monorail to Downtown Disney.  Back at the resort, we ran into friends checking in then hit the hot tub!  It was great to be outside in swimwear when just last week this time it was snowing, sleeting, raining and hailing!

We didn’t make it back to the parks anymore.  Ran into some friends and joined them at the Uva Bar in Downtown Disney.  We then moved over to Napa Rose for a bottle of wine.  Finally, we ended the night in their room watching World of Color from the side.  I’m sure the show is even more spectacular from the park, but this was amazing.  We went to bed by 10 pm.  Early entry tomorrow, but who knows if we’ll make it!

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