Alaska or Bust, Happy Birthday Bill!

Success at last!  Woke up briefly at 4:00 am this morning but forced myself to go back to sleep.  Woke up at 6:40 am for good!  Great, except it’s early hours today!  Oh well, we’re on vacation, no reason to worry about it.

I started this morning by wishing Bill a happy birthday and said we can celebrate with a cruise tomorrow!  Today will be a great day!  The temperature is supposed to get even better today so sunscreen is a must.  A few red noses this morning.  We’re hoping to see Deb Wills of AllEars this morning when we go to get our tickets again.

Meeting up with the AllEars group, we saw some folks that we haven’t seen in many years, since the first Panama Canal cruise for Disney Cruise Lines.  We met some new folks too that were going to be sailing with us in the next week.

We finally got in to Disneyland and rode a few rides and had lunch.  I just love Big Thunder Ranch for their family style meal with BBQ chicken and ribs.  That was as good as I remembered it from last year.  After lunch we made our way back to the resort, stopping in California Adventure for a tortilla.  Shoot!  It’s corn today!  Oh well, all the more reason to come back again soon.  We did some laundry and took a break in the pool again.  Got a little color for my usual pale skin.

We now need to get mostly packed up for tomorrow.  Our luggage will be picked up around 8:00 am but we won’t be picked up until noon.  Since it’s Bill’s birthday, we will be meeting with friends to go out to dinner tonight.  Going over to GardenWalk for Fire + Ice.  It sounds great!

We made one last stop over to California Adventure for a ride on California Screamin’ and Toy Story Mania!  After that we stopped in the Blue Sky area to see what the building in Sunshine Plaza will be.  It is a trolley station.  We then left the park and went over to Fire + Ice.  This was a fun restaurant with an American take on a Mongolian Grill.  The food was great and we had a wonderful time.  The chef and server came to our table near the end of the meal and made Bill get up so that the whole restaurant could sing “Happy Birthday” to him.  He took it in stride, but didn’t bother to share his birthday treat!

We made it back to the room before 10 pm, and finished up most of the packing for the morning.   Next stop … The Disney Wonder!!!

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  1. Posted by Michael Young on April 27, 2011 at 1:49 AM

    Tracy you can rest assured I will not beat you to the terminal this time.
    Have a great trip. I will be “scouting locations” to get pictures of the Wonder entering the golden gate.


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