Alaska or Bust, Hurry Up and Wait

We got up early and got the rest of our stuff packed and ready to go.  At a few minutes after 8 am, Bell Services got our luggage to take it to the ship.  Now everything was packed but our carry ons and we still have four hours until we get on the bus.  Now what?

We watched a bit of TV, double checked the documents, double checked the carry ons and only 30 minutes went by.  The waiting is the hardest part!  We got a bite to eat and now we sit.

We were informed by the DCL representatives here that these were the most people they have taken to the port so far this year.  We will have three buses just from the Grand Californian!

Friends who already arrived at the port reported problems with the check in.  They software system DCL has was not working with the computers in the terminal.  We were at a different terminal because the Golden Princess was in port today too.  Once we arrived, check in was pretty quick for the Platinum and concierge guests.

Once onboard we were continually running into people we knew from previous sailings.  This will be a fun cruise.  It got very warm up on deck while we waited to sailaway.  We left port about an hour later than originally planned.

Because this sailing is going up the Pacific Coast, Disney arranged a number of special wine events onboard.  Tomorrow there will be two wine tastings offered by different wine makers.  On the next day at sea there will be two more.  There will also be some other special events, but more on that later.

The shops were packed this evening and we didn’t see the special t-shirts, but can get a special pin tomorrow.  We also have character breakfast tomorrow morning.

Coming back to the Disney Wonder after having sailed on the Disney Dream only two months ago was different than I expected.  Maybe it’s seeing so many friends onboard, but I feel at home!

While the Dream is an incredibly beautiful ship, I feel happy here and glad we’ll be here for two weeks.  We noticed some changes to the stateroom, which I don’t remember from last time.

Once we passed the breakwater around the Port of Los Angeles, the wind was quite cool.  Going up on deck after dinner again was very cool.  While I was very warm just before sailing away, I was glad I brought quite a few warmer clothes with me.

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