Alaska or Bust – We’re Home

Not home, home.  We’re at our home away from home – The Disney Wonder!  I don’t know when some of these changes were done, because it’s been a while since I’ve been in a stateroom on the Wonder (we stayed in a suite the last time), but we noticed some changes.  The curtains seem newer.  The bedskirt and duvets definitely are new.  They are the same duvets and pillow shams as on the Disney Dream (that I absolutely loved!).  The blankets for the bed are the same as the Disney Dream as well.  The room is as I remembered though, with a more spacious feel than on the Dream.

It was great getting onboard and feeling we were in a familiar place.  We knew right where the public restrooms were, approximately where our table would be located, how to get to the lifeboat station, etc.  It felt like we were home!

We did notice some modifications that were being done.  There are more windbreaks on deck 10, plus the corners which usually are open to allow air to flow in were closed off.  There is an area in front of the sports deck that is being closed in.  It is chilly on deck today so that will be much nicer for Alaska.

We talked to an officer about arrivals into some of the ports.  There will not be a helicopter flying overhead when we arrive in San Francisco tomorrow (around 6:30 am under the Golden Gate Bridge and out around 4:30 pm), but there will be helicopters in Alaska to take aerial shots of us.

We also heard that there are some modifications being done to the Fantasy in light of guest feedback.  We can’t wait to hear about the changes there.

Today we will have an option of character breakfast, wine tasting seminars, DVC member party, Castaway Club Party and the Golden Mickey’s are tonight.

Menus for the cruise are Rotational, Golden Mickey’s, Rotational, Rotational, Captain’s Gala, and ‘Til We Meet Again.  The rotations are weird.  Ours is AAPTAP.  I’m not sure why we aren’t going to each restaurant twice.  It doesn’t really matter too much as we are going to have Palo tonight, eat in San Francisco tomorrow night and do a wine pairing dinner on the last night.  We have wine makers from Iron Horse, Chappellet Valley, St Francis and Grgich Hills.  We don’t know which vintner will be doing our meal, but it will be great I’m sure!

We talked about the wine pairing dinners and the variety of wine tastings with someone from Disney Cruise Line in Celebration.  We told him we would love to see more cruises like this with wine maker dinners and tastings.  Those coupled with some tours up to Napa, Sonoma and areas in the southern part of California would be a great way to promote the Pacific Coast cruises next year.  It is so outstanding to see the coastline as we are sailing up to San Francisco.

As a result of our wine tasting with Chappellet, we decided to add them to our touring plans for tomorrow!  We tried some great red wines and a couple whites that were very good as well.

Tonight we will be having Palo for dinner, checking out a bit of the NFL draft and likely going to bed before the Royal Wedding.  After all, we need to be up early to see us go under the Golden Gate Bridge!!

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