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NCL Freestyle Dash

Norwegian Cruise Lines is doing it again.  The popular Freestyle Dash promotion is on again.  From today, May 24 through May 27, 2011, you can receive an onboard credit up to $250 plus 50% reduced deposits on most sailings.  Additionally, if you book a European sailing on the Norwegian EPIC, you can get up to a $300 onboard credit offer!  The best part is in addition to this offer from Norwegian Cruise Line you will also qualify for the onboard credit offered by Travel On A Dream.  Contact us today for your quote by email at or fill out a request form.

The Disney Fantasy Difference

When the Disney Fantasy sets sail on March 31, 2012, she will have a familiar floor plan to the Disney Dream, however, she will have changes that are all her own. Disney Cruise Line has announced some of the changes expected on the Fantasy, including the restaurants and clubs.

The chandelier in the Disney Fantasy will be made of stained glass and crystal beads.  Just like the Disney Dream, but a design of her own.  Adorning the Atrium will be Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse, inspired by travel in the 20s and 30s, dressed in vintage fashion with a steamer trunk and parasol.

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Disney Pacific Coast Cruise Navigators

Here are links to the Navigators we picked up on the first Pacific Coast Cruise:

Overview Page One
Overview Page Two

April 27, 2011 Page 1
April 27, 2011 Page 2
April 27, 2011 Page 3
April 27, 2011 Page 4

April 28, 2011 Page 1
April 28, 2011 Page 2
April 28, 2011 Page 3
April 28, 2011 Page 4

April 29, 2011 Page 1
April 29, 2011 Page 2
April 29, 2011 Page 3
April 29, 2011 Page 4

April 30, 2011 Page 1
April 30, 2011 Page 2
April 30, 2011 Page 3
April 30, 2011 Page 4

May 1, 2011 Page 1
May 1, 2011 Page 2
May 1, 2011 Page 3
May 1, 2011 Page 4

May 2, 2011 Page 1
May 2, 2011 Page 2
May 2, 2011 Page 3
May 2, 2011 Page 4

Alaska Cruise Shopping Guides

Here are the shopping guides we received on the Alaskan Cruise we did with Disney Cruise Line.  I have also included the ones we received from the repositioning cruise since these ports will be on future sailings with Disney Cruise Lines.

Repositioning Cruise

Onboard Shopping

San Francisco, Page 1
San Francisco, Page 2

Victoria, Page 1
Victoria, Page 2

Alaskan Cruise

Onboard Shopping

Skagway Shopping, Page 1
Skagway Shopping, Page 2
Skagway Shopping, Page 3
Skagway Shopping, Page 4

Juneau Shopping, Page 1
Juneau Shopping, Page 2
Juneau Shopping, Page 3
Juneau Shopping, Page 4

Ketchikan Shopping, Page 1
Ketchikan Shopping, Page 2
Ketchikan Shopping, Page 3
Ketchikan Shopping, Page 4

Customs for Alaskan Cruises From Vancouver

This was a little different than we are used to so I decided to give some detailed information about cruising from Vancouver.

When you arrive in Canada, you will have to fill out a Canadian Immigration form. We arrived by cruise, but were considered to be “in transit” so we did not have to fill out a form, however, everyone leaving the cruise that day was required to fill out a form. Whether or not you have to fill out a form, you do still have to go through Immigration and present your passport. The authorities will inspect your passport and your customs form if necessary.

Because the first port of call (and actually all ports of call) were in the United States, we had to go through US Immigration before boarding the cruise. Even though we were “in transit” we still needed to go to US Immigration. At the terminal in Vancouver (we were at Canada Place), we needed to first go through security and then go through US Immigration. We did not have to have a US Customs form filled out for this. Finally we checked in with the cruise line.

When we left Canada for the US on the way home, we did have to fill out a US Customs form. Below is the information we received from the cruise line along with the two customs forms.

Welcome to Vancouver
Canada Customs
US Customs

We did back to back cruises and first were going to need to change rooms. We received the this document in our room about the change and procedure in Vancouver.  That same day we were told DCL was able to keep us in the same room so they gave us this document.  The back side of this form gave us information about Vancouver.

Disney Alaskan Cruise Navigators

Here are links to the Navigators we picked up on the first Alaskan Cruise:

Overview Page One
Overview Page Two
Overview Page Three
Overview Page Four

May 3, 2011 Page 1
May 3, 2011 Page 2
May 3, 2011 Page 3
May 3, 2011 Page 4

May 4, 2011 Page 1
May 4, 2011 Page 2
May 4, 2011 Page 3
May 4, 2011 Page 4

May 5, 2011 Page 1
May 5, 2011 Page 2
May 5, 2011 Page 3
May 5, 2011 Page 4

May 6, 2011 Page 1
May 6, 2011 Page 2
May 6, 2011 Page 3
May 6, 2011 Page 4

May 7, 2011 Page 1
May 7, 2011 Page 2
May 7, 2011 Page 3
May 7, 2011 Page 4

May 8, 2011 Page 1
May 8, 2011 Page 2
May 8, 2011 Page 3
May 8, 2011 Page 4

May 9, 2011 Page 1
May 9, 2011 Page 2
May 9, 2011 Page 3
May 9, 2011 Page 4

Add Alaskan Cruising To Your Bucket List

That pretty much sums it up.  Closely analyzing our first Alaskan cruise, I can say that everything was not perfect, but what makes a great voyage is when you can look back in general and believe it was one of the best cruises ever.  This is what happened with us.

Two big things that we learned for next time is it is not important to take a shore excursion to see whales.  We saw more when not on the excursion.  We only saw one on the excursion.  The second is that we don’t personally feel we gained much by cruising with Disney on this sailing.  It was great seeing crew members that we knew and friends we have cruised with before, but we did not go to any of the nighttime entertainment but one cabaret show or attend any of the other special “Alaskan” activities.  For those with kids, I think Disney would be the best choice.  We went to see Alaska and therefore spent a lot of time on our balcony or in one of the public areas with windows.  We didn’t go to see the shows or learn how to fold towels and napkins.

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