2012 Walt Disney World and Disneyland Bookings Now Available

When we announced that ticket prices were going up today, I joked with the agent at Disney that this probably meant that 2012 reservations would open today as well.  She laughed and said they knew nothing about this.  I told some friends that if 2012 reservations didn’t open on Sunday, I would be surprised if they didn’t open within the next couple weeks.  Well, guess what?

I have done some preliminary checking and it appears that dates only until around October 24 are available for booking. This is 499 days from today.  Each day from here on out until all of 2012 is released another day will be added, so you are able to book 499 days prior to the day you check out at this time.  It does appear however that the villas are not available for booking after mid-May, 2012 at this time.

We are also seeing new resorts available and new room types at existing resorts.  The Art of Animation Resort is now booking with the Cars Family Suite, Lion King Family Suite and Finding Nemo Family suite along with the standard family suite. This resort is available for booking starting May 31, 2012.

At Port Orleans French Quarter we are now seeing a standard, garden, water, king bed and river view room type.  The water view and king bed rooms are the same price with garden a little less and standard the lowest priced.  River view is a little more than the water view. At Port Orleans Riverside, you now have a choice of standard, garden, water, Preferred, king bed, river views, plus Royal Guest Room Standard, garden, water views.  Pop Century now has standard and preferred rooms, plus now a preferred pool view room as well.

If you are wanting to book your 2012 Walt Disney World stay or Disneyland stay, contact us today!  We’re happy to help.   http://travelonadream.com/quote.html.

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