Disney’s Art of Animation, Part Two

Let’s explore what is planned for each of the courtyards for the Art of Animation Resort.  The first courtyard you will enter from the check in building will be the Finding Nemo courtyard.  It is designed to help you feel like you have stepped into the movie.  The courtyard is designed so everything around is as if you were the size of Nemo.   You are seeing things as if you were his size and things are in the ratio for that size perspective.  The courtyard will contain a “big blue” pool and a wet play area themed as Mr. Ray’s schoolyard.  There will be a dry playground area called “Squirt’s Righteous Reef”.

The buildings are framing the courtyard and the sets help tell the story.  One building will have Bruce and his shark buddies, another will have Crush surfing the EAC.  The Nemo theme will continue into the rooms.  They will be decorated like you are a part of the reef.  The elements of the room will include, bubble lights, coral backed headboards and jellyfish lamps.

Another courtyard will be the Cars Courtyard that is framed by three buildings of family suites.  In this courtyard, you will travel down the newly paved road into Radiator Springs and encounter 11 different characters from the movie.  This courtyard area is scaled so that you are seeing things if you were the size of Lightning McQueen.  This will be a great photo opportunity for those of you who like the Cars characters.

The Cozy Cone Motel is the pool building with Sarge’s quonset hut as the pool building.  The set of the landscapes and backdrops of radiator springs, Cadillac ranch, Luigi’s House of Tires and the wagon wheel hotel.  The rooms will be set as if you were staying in the Cozy Cone Motel with Cozy Cone lamps, draperies, and bed covers.  The dressers and nightstands are “tool chests” in look.  The rooms will have that 1950’s architectural style that you get in the movie.

Disney’s Art of Animation resort is now available for bookings.  Contact Travel on a Dream to book your stay here now.

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