Disney’s Art of Animation, Part Three

This blog wrap up the last 2 themed areas of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.  The next area is the Lion King area.  This is comprised of 2 buildings of family suites.  This is the only courtyard without a pool but does have a play area.  The two buildings are close to each other and provide that look of the movie.  The buildings provide the backdrop to the Africa theme of the movie.

One side you will see the Pridelands and the other side you will see the jungle areas.  Rafiki will welcome you into the courtyard.  Mufasa will be up on Pride Rock. You will see will walk under the Hukuna Matata log with Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon.  The play area is themed to the elephant graveyard from the movie.  You will find Scar on the other side of the courtyard as well.  For this courtyard’s perspective, you are the size of Simba.  The rooms will have a jungle theme with bright colored leaves creating the headboard.

The final themed area is the Little Mermaid area.  It is located the furthest away from the main building and bus stops.  As you come out of the registration building you will need to walk through the Lion King courtyard to get to it.  The Little Mermaid courtyard is created from 3 buildings.  All rooms for the Little Mermaid area are standard rooms with entrance off of an exterior balcony. (Similar to the other value resorts.)

You will walk through the whosits and whatsits and you are the size of Sebastian in comparison to all the other elements around you.  There are over 600 cutouts of fish, waves, and shells that will adorn the balconies around this area.  You will find Ursula, Ariel and King Triton as the icons in the center of each building around the pool area.  In the rooms you will find clamshells for headboards and Ariel’s Grotto will be the theme for the bathrooms.

Disney’s Art of Animation resort is now available for bookings.  Contact Travel on a Dream to book your stay here now.

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