Want to go to Cuba?

There has been a lot of talk in the travel industry recently about traveling to Cuba.  President Obama has lifted some of the travel restrictions, however there are still significant restrictions.  Violation of these restrictions can get you in a lot of trouble.  The restrictions that were relaxed have to do with “people-to-people travel”.  This opens up travel for religious activities, journalism, professional research, humanitarian projects, athletic events.  Some importation and exportation is also allowed.

However, the US embargo is still in place.  The embargo doesn’t restrict you from being in Cuba, it only means that you cannot spend money in Cuba.

A travel provider must get a special license to offer trips to Cuba.  Three companies who have done that are Globus, Abercrombie & Kent and Insight Cuba.  If you want to go to Cuba, your travel must be booked through one of the licensed travel providers (we do work with Globus).  The airline you use must also be separately licensed as a Carrier Service Provider.

Abercrombie & Kent sold out of all of its packages in the first week they were offered and are now in the process of getting more seats.  Both Abercrombie & Kent and Globus are partnering with licensed operators – Center for Caribbean Religion for Globus and the Foundation for Caribbean Studies for Abercrombie & Kent.


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