The Ships of Princess Cruises

Love, exciting and new…  Come aboard, we’re expecting you…

The Love Boat!!

That’s what I think of when I first thought of a Princess Cruise.  It was a must see TV program in our household when I was growing up.  Once I started cruising, I realized that The Love Boat was very different from reality.  I mean the rooms on the Pacific Princess were huge!  But I must admit it did make me curious about cruising.

Princess Cruises got a lot of attention back in the 70’s from the Love Boat.  “Captain Stubbing” still sails on Princess and helps to celebrate milestones for the company.  Now as we are getting ready for our first Princess Cruise, we started looking at all of the ships of Princess to determine which one was right for us.  Princess currently has 16 ships with one more coming online in May 2013 — the Royal Princess!  The current ships have a variety of similarities and individual differences as well.  With ships that accommodate 680 up to 3080 guests, there is something for everyone!

All of the Princess ships include freshwater pools, the Lotus Spa, specialty restaurants, traditional dining, original production shows, Scholarship@Sea courses and a gym & fitness center.

The smallest of the Princess fleet are the Ocean Princess and Pacific Princess (the “new” Pacific Princess).  These ships are small enough to get into the smaller ports which offers a much different experience than the larger cruise ships.  You’ll find the Pacific Princess cruising to destinations like Alaska, Asia and the Orient, India or Tahiti and Hawaii.  Ocean Princess can be found cruising the Northern Atlantic with crossings from New York to London and European sailings.  The small ships of Princess do not have Anytime Dining.

The remainder of the Princess fleet offers the Sanctuary (a relaxing retreat for adults) and Movies Under the Stars (to be added to Sapphire Princes early 2012).

Dawn Princess, Sea Princess and Sun Princess are much larger than the small ships, each holding 1990 passengers.  One thing very different on these ships is when they are sailing on Australia-based sailings, the onboard charges are in the Australian dollar.  Anytime Dining is also not available on the Australian sailings.

The Coral Princess & Island Princess are a little larger than the Dawn Princess, Sea Princess and Sun Princess ships, however they accommodate just slightly fewer guests at 1970 per ship.  Sabatini’s (Italian specialty restaurant) and Bayou Cafe & Steakhouse are your specialty dining restaurants on these ships.

At 2590 passengers per ship, the Golden Princess, Grand Princess and Star Princess are the first to offer the piazza-style Atrium.  Here you will find music and entertainment, coffee, wine and a bit to eat.  This area is always festive and a central gathering spot.  Also in the piazza is Vines, a wine and seafood bar.

How about some additional entertainment options?  Try the Diamond Princess or Sapphire Princess, where in addition to many of the dining and entertainment options on the other Princess ships mentioned already, you’ll find Club Fusion and Skywalkers Nightclub.  See if Lady Luck is yours in the casino with blackjack, roulette, craps and slot machines.  These ships will accommodate up to 2670 passengers.

Currently, the largest Princess ships are the Caribbean Princess (which we will be cruising on in October), Crown Princess, Ruby Princess and Emerald Princess, accommodating up to 3080 guests.  In addition to Vines in the piazza-style Atrium, you will also find the International Cafe for coffees, desserts, sandwiches and tapas.  Nearly 900 of the rooms on these ships have balconies.

Of course you’ll find boutiques for your shopping pleasures on every Princess ship.  We love the idea that the pools are freshwater!  We have heard that you can get a warm cookie and chilled glass of milk on deck in the afternoons!  They also have a British pub lunch on days at sea.

Some of the features on our ship will include the Skywalkers Nightclub on decks 18/19 on the back of the ship and Cybergolf.  There are numerous pools and hot tubs.  We hope the weather onboard isn’t too cold that we can try those out.  There are two Anytime Dining restaurants and a variety of bars and lounges.

We invite you to follow along with us on our journey to get ready for our first Princess Cruise!

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