Boston for a Day

Our second stop on the Caribbean Princess cruise to New England and Canada will be in Boston, Massachusetts.  Boston is rich in history with more than two centuries of American History in Boston.

A highlight is the Freedom Trail.  This trail will take you through Colonial Revolutionary Boston to places like the Boston Common, State House, King’s Chapel & Burying Ground, the First Public School, the Old State House, Paul Revere’s House, Old North Church, USS Constitution and the Bunker Hill Monument.  There are 16 historical sites on the trail and you can see them in two to three hours.  You can also take the tour on a trolley.  If walking, you will follow the red brick or painted line through the tour.

Boston is filled with many museums for everyone.  There is a museum for children, fire fighters, french culture, science enthusiasts to name a few.

We may have to take a visit to the Frog Pond while we are in Boston and check out the public gardens, the first botanical gardens int he United States.  Here you’ll also find a monument of George Washington and the famous swan boats.

Visit Lexington & Concord where you will find the North Bridge, famous for the “shot heard ’round the world”.  Or head over to Harvard Square.

Newbury Street is filled with sidewalk cafes and trendy galleries in the Back Bay area of Boston.  On the North End, you will find the oldest part of the city, also known as Little Italy.

There are also some presidential links to Boston.  John F. Kennedy’s presidential library is located here as well as Peacefield, homes to John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

Of course baseball fans will want to go see Fenway Park.  Unfortunately for our visit, the season will be over.

Salem Massachusetts is not too far from Boston where you can take in the history associated with the Salem witch trials of the past.   Also not too far from the city is Rockport.  We have visited this town on the ocean before, filled with shops and cafes.  Rockport is close to Gloucester where you can see the statue that is seen on the Gorton’s fish products.  This is actually a memorial to fisherman who perished at sea in a “perfect storm”.

When in Boston, there are many choices to get around.  There is a commuter rail (which will even take you up to Rockport), ferries (to take you to some of the outer islands), trolleys, harbor cruises, a subway system and even the Boston Duck tours.  These amphibious vehicles can take you on a tour on land or in the water.

Speaking of harbor cruises, there are a variety of cruises offered here.  There are luncheon and dinner cruises, music cruises, sunset cruises and whale watching cruises.  You can go over to one of Boston’s harbor islands on a cruise.

Boston is presenting a challenge for us.  We will be meeting friends there who said we can do whatever we want for the day.  Here’s the problem.  We have been to Boston a few times.  We stayed in Copley Square once, saw the end of the Marathon, took the “T” to the financial district and walked around part of the Freedom Trail.  Granted this was about 15 years ago.  We have also gone with the same friends to Rockport and up the coast to Kittery, Maine.  The most fun has always been just sitting around and eating lobster with them and chatting!

We looked at a luncheon cruise, which sounds like a lot of fun.  Or?  Not sure what else we should do!  We’ll be there on a Monday, so that may affect our decision.  Should we do the luncheon cruise and then go to Quincy Marketplace?  Or something totally different that I haven’t thought of?  We welcome your input!

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