All The Single Ladies (and Men too!)

Have you ever thought about cruising but realized that you didn’t have someone to travel with and scrapped the idea?  I mean, who wants to cruise alone?!  How can you possibly have fun going on a cruise alone?  I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can have a great time cruising as a solo traveler.

First I would recommend a smaller ship or even a river boat.  You will have a greater chance of meeting people who have similar interests to you.  Some smaller luxury cruises even have escorts onboard for the single ladies to have someone to have dinner with or go to the dances.

Another option is to find a group with which you have similar interests.  This could be a wine region cruise or cooking cruise or a variety of other themes.  The types of themes that you might find are endless.  Check out for a list of theme cruises.

You can also look to groups and organizations that you belong to for possible cruises they may be planning, or you could try to get together a group of your own!  Many cruise lines will offer different amenities or discounts for groups.  This would give you an opportunity to be with others at times yet still have time to yourself on the cruise or the ports of call.

We have a group of cruisers on a number of sailings coming up, including our group on October 20, 2012, the ToaD Fantasy Cruise!  And yes, we do have single cruisers going, along with couples, families and grandparents.  Many of the cruisers in this group were solo travelers at one time and met others from the group on a prior cruise.  They had so much fun together that I have heard of them traveling together to Disney many times since and getting together in other places.  It’s a great way to meet other people just like you.

So whether you are a single, couple, family or multigenerational family, a group cruise can be a lot of fun.  Why not join us?  Check out our event page at

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