Princess Cruises Onboard Extras

As we continue preparing for our cruise on the Caribbean Princess, we’ve been exploring online copies of the Princess Patter, the cruise newsletter that Princess Cruises puts out each day while we are onboard.

I found a set that was from the same itinerary we will be doing from 2010.  I like the way that the Princess Patter flows.  I admit I have not been a fan of the Disney Navigators.

The first day’s Patter gave us an overview of what to expect on the cruise from ports of call, nightly dress code, short excursions and other extras while onboard.  This gave us a lot of ideas of things that we definitely want to try while onboard. 

The first thing that I spotted with An Evening at the Chef’s Table.  From the description, the evening will start out with French champagne and hors d’oeuvres served right in the galley during “rush” hour.  Following this we would be served a multi-course tasting menu at the VIP Chef’s table in the dining room.  This cost is $75 per person and includes wine parings.

Next, I spotted the ScholarShip@Sea program.  This “program” offers enrichment courses including topics like Culinary Arts, Visual and Creative Arts.  There are also guest lecturers.  Some of these programs do charge a nominal fee (like for the ceramics classes).

This brought us to the Specialty Dining Reservations for Crown Grill and Sabatini’s.  While I have heard good things about both, I read through the menus (to be discussed in a future blog) and Sabatini’s will be a must for us!  The jury is still out on the Crown Grill.  It sounds like a great steakhouse, but not sure if I will want to have that while on the cruise.  This will likely be a last night decision onboard.

The Sanctuary has intrigued us.  This is an adult only “tranquility” area on the ship on deck 17 forward.  It is available on a first come/first served basis.  A fee of $10 for a half-day or $20 for a full day pass will apply.  You can also get a full cruise pass for $150 per person.  Since we will be in port all but one day, we decided to pass on the cruise long pass, but may take in a half day at some point.

Treasure Hunts!  Reviewing the Patters, there are a number of treasure hunts throughout the cruise.  The first one gives you a chance to get acquainted with the ship and win some great prizes.  We hope they have this on our sailing!  There are also some for the entire cruise and a quick one on the last day of the sailing.  This sounds like fun to me!

Princess Cruises Ultimate Ship Tour is the next thing I spotted that we plan to do.  This is better than a backstage tour, better than a bridge tour, better than a galley tour!  This is the ultimate tour of all tours!  On this tour we could visit the engine control room, back stage of the theater, main laundry, bridge.  We have heard from others that you also may visit the galley, print shop, photo shop and go inside the funnel!!!  Along with the tour, there are lots of gifts and surprises along the way.  Some things we have heard are personalized stationery, group photos in areas of the ship, chef jackets and plush robes.  The price is expensive at $150 a person but all reviews are excellent.  Very worth the price.  We will give this some serious thought!

We did notice a couple wine tastings and martini demonstrations.  One of the wine tastings though was at 3:15 pm on the day we are in Newport.  Thought the ship’s last tender comes back at 3:30 and we’ll likely be onboard before that, we won’t be able to pre-register so we’ll have to see about that one.

Art Auctions, Jackpot Bingo, trivia contests, Movies Under the Stars, fitness classes and games round out the days’ activities.  On the last day (at sea) there is an English Style Pub Lunch.  We can’t wait to see what this is about!

I didn’t even go into the entertainment, but there look to be DJs, comedy, live bands, pianists, string quartets, jugglers…  You name it!

I do realize that the Princess Patters from a year ago could change considerably or not at all so we are keeping an open mind about what might happen on our cruise.  We have some ideas of what we will do if they are offered, but if not, I’m sure there will be something just as fun to do!

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