Where Do You Want to Cruise?

For those not familiar with cruising, you may think that cruises only go to the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera.  Most probably realize that ships also go to Alaska and the Mediterranean.  But where else can you go on a cruise?  Just about anywhere!

The most popular cruising destinations are the Caribbean, Europe and Alaska.  But there are so many more places to cruise.  The Bahamas and Caribbean cover a wide area with the Bahamian islands down to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, to the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands and Netherlands Antilles to the east and South.  To the West there is Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and even the Panama Canal.  Caribbean Cruises operate year-round, but fewer companies offer these sailing in the summer months.  Panama Canal sailings can be a half transit (roundtrip sailing) or a full transit (repositioning sailing).

Alaska sailings can be one way sailings from the Seattle/Vancouver/San Francisco area up to Seward/Anchorage or they can be roundtrip.  The advantage to a one way sailing is that you can add on a land stay and visit some of the parks in Alaska like Denali.

European cruises are not just in the Mediterranean.  Cruises in the Mediterranean will take you to ports of call in Spain, Italy and France, but also can take you to the north coast of Africa, Greece, Croatia, the Holy Land, Turkey.  Venturing north, you can cruise around the British Isles, through the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Circle.  There are cruises that will take you across the Atlantic to Iceland and Greenland, ending up in North America.

Mexican Riviera cruises are popular from Los Angeles and San Diego.  You can visit Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.  Again, these sailings are year-round, but not as many sailings occur during the summer months when ships are positioned elsewhere.

A newer popular destination is cruising to New England and Canada.  In fact Oceania Cruises just eliminated their Fall 2012 Mediterranean sailings in lieu of this itinerary.  Some of these sailings even go as far as Montreal.  What a fabulous way to see the coast!  From the East Coast you can also take a cruise to Bermuda with sailings out of Boston, New York City and Baltimore.

Hawaii can be seen by cruise ship, though it’s a long cruise, usually about two weeks, from the US Mainland.  Norwegian Cruise Line has one ship that does cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, offering longer times in port to explore the islands.

South American cruises are also gaining popularity.  You can visit Columbia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.  For an ecological treat, you can sail to the Galapagos Islands off of Ecuador.

Australia and New Zealand, along with the South Pacific are some of the exotic destinations you can cruise to.  Some of these sailings start or end in Hawaii as well.  There are many ships that cruise in this area of the world, also cruising to Asia, India and the eastern side of Africa.

Believe it or not, you can also cruise to Antarctica!  There are expedition sailings that go there from South America.  Many cruise lines also offer World Cruises.  These are sailing that will circumnavigate the globe.  You can take the entire cruise or just certain segments of the cruise.

That pretty much covers the entire world, right?  There’s more!  River boat cruising has become one of the hottest types of cruises in recent years.  You can cruise the rivers of Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam, Egypt and Brazil.  You can even go on a cruise on the Mississippi River and her tributaries.

So where do you want to cruise?  My list is growing every day!

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