Hurricane Irene

It seems like all the talk in the last week has been about Hurricane Irene.  How did this storm affect you?  For me, we had an unusually beautiful weekend as the high pressure system stalled to our east  and kept the weather nice.  Those on the East Coast though weren’t as lucky.

We have heard from many friends that lost power (some still don’t have it back), had flooded yards and basements and downed trees (even on their houses).  Leaves wallpapering the house was a very creative way that another friend described the storm.

We had clients who had a difficult time getting home, worried about trip interruption, worried about change in schedules and a couple that were out of the area just long enough to miss it all!  I heard from people who booked their travel through Expedia and other sites like it because “they are cheaper” only to find out that paying a little more for better service can be worth it.

We take travel delays and changes very seriously.  We had some changes for our clients due to the weather.  Some changed plans to arrive at their destination before the storms hit while others changed plans out of necessity when the airlines canceled their flights earlier than anticipated.  Was this something the client could have rescheduled on her own?  Probably, but it’s much nicer having someone, who isn’t involved in the circumstances concerning the delay, to take a clearer look at what needs to be done and just do it.

We hope that all of our friends who continue to be affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Irene recover quickly.  How did you fare in the storm?

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  1. Posted by Lisa on August 29, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    Irene left a big pine tree through the roof of half of our house and a sopping wet mess in both of the kids’ rooms. The roof has been patched. A contractor came out today to check out how bad it is and will be back for measurements tomorrow morning. We are in a hotel that just got power tonight. We were able to safe the beds, most clothes, computer, books, and special things during the storm before the ceiling collasped from being saturated with water. The rain lasted from 4 pm Friday until after 8:30 Saturday night here in NC. We are all alive and well though and I am trying to focus on that when everything else gets overwhelming.


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