Vacation Destination: Hawaii

Last week, Aulani, Disney Vacation Club’s newest property, opened on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  With this addition, many people who never thought of going to Hawaii for a vacation are reconsidering their decision and including Aulani and other Hawaiian resorts in their future plans.

For select dates through the end of 2011, Disney Visa card holders can get a 25% discount on their room rate.  Contact us to help you with your Aulani vacation.

There are many other resorts on Oahu if Aulani is out of your range.  Aulani is about 45 minutes away from Waikiki Beach, where there are many choices for resorts, in a variety of price ranges.  You can also visit one of the other islands of Hawaii.  You can do this by taking a plane from one island to another or some cruises will visit four or more of the islands.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the only cruise line that starts and ends in Hawaii without visiting other countries.  This is because their ship is flagged in the United States.  It is required that all foreign flagged ships starting in the United States visit another country before ending the cruise in the United States.  This law is called the Jones Act.  This is a great way to visit the islands without island hopping and switching hotels.  Doing this on Norwegian also allows you to spend more time on each of the islands.

Other cruise lines also cruise to and from Hawaii, however they have to stop at a foreign port of call to comply with the Jones Act.  Additionally, it is a long cruise to get to Hawaii from California.  Most of these cruises roundtrip are 14 or 15 days.  There are also sailings that start or end in Hawaii and go to the South Pacific.  A typical cruise roundtrip from the United State mainland to Hawaii will have 9-10 days at sea with three to four ports of call in Hawaii.  For those who love the days at sea, this is a great itinerary.

Disney Wonder will be sailing to Hawaii on April 29, 2012.  This sailing filled up on the first day it was open to the general public.  I was so popular that it looks like Disney Cruise Line may be opening up another date in the fall of 2012.  The previous sailings for October 14 and 21 have been removed from the booking engine and an October date is showing up as a possibility for Hawaii, though a search on this option reveals no space available.  Our agents are now taking waiting lists, just in case this itinerary becomes a reality so let us know if you are interested to get onboard.

Hawaii is an amazing place to visit either by land or by cruise.  Contact Travel On A Dream for more information on this destination.

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  1. Posted by Ramona on September 8, 2011 at 5:45 PM

    Great post, thanks for the info on Oahu! We’re in the beginning stages of planning our Hawaiian vacation and doing a lot of research. One of our favorite Oahu resorts is Sheraton Princess Kaiulani – looks so nice and they have a lot of great deals!


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