Say what? We might be able to wear our shoes?

YAY!! Janet Napolitano recently commented that we might be able to keep our shoes on when going through airport security sometime in the near future. With the way things are going with the TSA, that might be all that we’re allowed to keep on, but I digress.

I put way too much thought into my airport footwear. Why do you ask? Well, I remember looking down and thinking “how is that guy leaving wet footprints? It didn’t rain.” That’s when I realized, he removed his shoes and was leaving a sweaty foot trail for me to follow. GROSS!!!!!!!

Then there are the random news reports about the disease and pestilence we’re walking through in our bare tootsies. They send some poor reporter to JFK to swab the floor and we find out that our fellow travelers have stepped in a steaming pile of dog doo-doo, a festering cesspool of radioactive waste and worst result of all, they’re leaving bits of toe jam behind.

This brings me to the classic dilemma, do I go with shoes that I can just slip on and off, or do I do the whole sneakers/laces and socks routine. Notice being fashionable isn’t mentioned. While I am in awe of the ladies who wear boots with 7 inch heels that require unzipping, untying and unbuckling, that’s definitely not my style. I gave those up the day I walked down the aisle and said “I do.”

Looking at my shoe selection, the obvious choice are my Crocs. Ah, but what about letting my naked toes touch the floor? Do I bring shame to my family and wear socks with my Crocs? Considering that I’m already wearing the ugliest shoes ever created, any further embarrassment shouldn’t be an issue. Yet my husband, who still thinks “I’m with stupid” T-shirts are trendy, objects to my donning socks with my sexy plastic shoes.

That leaves me with sneakers and socks. I become that lady who is frantically trying to stuff her little plastic bag of liquids back in her carry-on and getting the handle of her bag unstuck while dropping her sneakers 10 times in pursuit of a chair. Take pity on me, I’m just trying to make sure my feet don’t end up on alerts issued by the Center of Disease Control.

So please Secretary Napolitano, let us wear our shoes again.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Todd C on September 7, 2011 at 8:53 AM

    I am one of the terribly unfashionable ones. I wear sock with my Crocs. I was repulsed by the number of travelers who were barefoot through security. It would only make sense to me that it would be a breeding ground for who knows what bacteria and fungus. Yuck.
    Being able to keep our shoes on would be a lovely notion!


  2. Posted by Susan on September 7, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    You would think with all the planning I love, that I would have an “airport-ready” outfit. Well…. I’m one of those that doesn’t even THINK about my footwear choice until I’m putting my pretty sandals into the bin. OOPS!

    I do love Texas though – they have those little blue booties that you can wear through security, saving you from having to make a footwear trade-off when you’ve failed to plan ahead!

    Love the post!


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