Majesty of the Seas and Miami

Last weekend, I got a chance to go to Miami for an event with Royal Caribbean International.  The plan was to learn more about Royal Caribbean and it’s different departments along with touring Majesty of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.  I will talk about Oasis of the Seas in a later blog, but today I wanted to focus on Majesty of the Seas and Miami, including the Hyatt Regency where we stayed.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked in.  My biggest problem was the parking situation.  You could valet park for $30 a night or self park for $19 a night.  The self park was in a ramp connected to the Hyatt, but a bit of a walk.  We decided to do the self parking anyway.

We had a room on the 19th floor, which had a very nice view.

This hotel is right on the Miami River.  We heard that there are plans to convert the shoreline of the river to a riverwalk district like in San Antonio.  This will be a great attraction.  The hotel is connected to the Miami Convention Center.

Within the hotel there is a deli (serving Starbucks coffee in the morning), the Riverwalk Cafe and Pure Verde, a cocktail lounge.  The hotel also offers in-room dining.  We did have an opportunity to check out the pool, which was smallish, but a nice area.

After the first night, our conference began.  We were able to stay in the same room.  We did check to see if we could upgrade for the last two nights and were offered concierge level access.  This was disappointing and after one day we asked for it to be removed from our room.  The food in the lounge was very mixed with the fruit being good, but the hot hors d’oeuvres not so good.  If we had gotten more than just the lounge access, it may have been worth the additional $45 per night charge, but for us it just wasn’t worth it.  We had breakfast set already with the conference so the night time appetizers was all we were getting.

The first night we took the Metromover (also called the peoplemover by the locals) to Bayside Marketplace.  Bayside is an entertainment, shopping and eating district all rolled into one.  We have been to Bayside on previous trips and knew what to expect.  The Metromover is a monorail of sorts above the ground going on a four mile loop through Downtown Miami.  This is a free system and saves time getting from one place to the next. Here is a shot of the Metromover passing by the Hyatt.

One thing that was a constant joke during our stay was the number of signs to pay for parking before going to your car.  There were at least 10 signs from the parking ramp to the Hyatt reminding us of this.  There were so many signs that when we were in other areas and signage was limited, we missed things.  Like in the elevators, you cannot go to a guest floor without putting your key card in a slot.  There were two signs out side each bank of elevators, but nothing inside.  We initially got in the elevator with others so were able to push the button to our floor without issue.  Later though this proved to me a source of amusement for others riding the elevator with us!

Rhonda went to the pool before me and was not able to push the button for the pool deck.  She passed the floor once before and employee got in with her and told her what to do.  She called me to see when I would come down and I was just leaving.  She told me I had to do this as well so I was prepared.  Or so I thought.  I grabbed my phone, camera, sunglasses and my key card and left the room.  I was pulling the door closed and thought the key card was pretty cheap and flimsy.  I looked at the card as the door latched.  It wasn’t my key card, it was the parking ticket!  I called Rhonda and told her of my mistake and said I would try to get there.  I got in the elevator and pushed L for the lobby.  Luckily someone came in the elevator who didn’t think I was totally insane and selected the Pool deck for me.

One thing that I will not recommend that we did this first night was to walk back from Bayside.  Keep in mind that you may not be familiar with the neighborhoods around the downtown area.  We quickly got into a not so nice area but were glad that there was a “Downtown Ambassador” to walk with us for a few blocks.  Once he got us to within a couple blocks of the hotel in a nicer area, he said goodbye.

Before we left for Bayside, we had stopped at the lounge in the Hyatt for a cocktail.  We found all of the bartenders and even the manager to be very nice and friendly.  This trend continued all weekend.  Each time we encountered someone new, they were warm and welcoming and every time we saw staff for a second time, they remembered who we were.  Even when we were in one of our session rooms, the Assistant Restaurant Manager peeked in and said hello!  This interaction with the staff made us feel very welcomed at the Hyatt Regency.

While we weren’t happy with the offerings at the concierge lounge, we were very happy with all other meals we had while at the Hyatt Regency.  The breakfasts in the conference and hor d’oeuvres at the trade show were fabulous!

On to the Majesty of the Seas!  This ship has a home port of Miami and alternates 3 and 4 night sailings to the Bahamas year round.  The Majesty of the Seas is part of the Sovereign Class and is a smaller ship as compared to the other ship classes in the fleet.  This is a very nice ship though for the shorter sailings.

We started out with lunch in the main dining room and then finished with a tour of the ship.  I have previously sailed on the Sovereign of the Seas when she was a RCCL ship so the Majesty felt comfortable.  There were some changes though since I had sailed so it was nice to see.  Here are some photos from our sailing.

Pool Deck

Crown & Anchor Lounge

Sports Deck

Adventure Ocean for the kids!

The Spa, Salon and Fitness Center on the Majesty of the Seas

One of the lounges

Entering the Casino


Some of the dining venues

The view off the front of the ship

Following our tour of the Majesty of the Seas we took a tour of Miami Beach and some areas near Downtown Miami.  Our time was limited due to traffic, however, we were all impressed with the tour. We went out to Ocean Drive and saw the Art Deco areas.  All in all, a great day!

Miami Ink

Downtown Miami from the Causeway

Please let us know if you have any questions on Miami or the cruises that sail from the Port of Miami.

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