It Was So “All That”

When we got back to the room last night, we found out that the one shore excursion we were really looking forward to was cancelled.  We would not be doing the Vines & Vineyards excursion in Halifax.  Unfortunately the only shore excursion not sold out at this point was the Hop On/Hop Off bus.  While this sounds extremely exciting, we decided to pass (we can do this on our own much cheaper than through the cruise line).  We’ll play it by ear and may just go see the Citadel and Titanic Exhibit.

Today we woke up to a nice sunrise over the ocean.  We were making our way to Boston.  The closer we got, the more cloudy it was.  This was not looking promising for our day.  Then somehow, it we came through the dark clouds and the sun began to shine!  By the time we reached Cruiseport Boston, it was mostly blue skies.  We met up with our friends Peter and Jenn after we got off the ship.  We hadn’t seen them since the Maiden Voyage of the Dream.  The plan was to bum around Boston together for the day.  It didn’t really matter what we were doing, just spending time with them was fun.

We got on the gray line at the port which took us to the transfer point for the green line, which is what we needed to get to the Science Museum.  After a few transfers due to trains out of service and stations under construction, we arrived.  We decided to take the Boston Duck tour which started at the Museum.  This turned out to be a great way to see a lot of the city with narration.  Boston is a very nice city to be a tourist in.  We saw old churches, state buildings, parks and other points of interest in the city.  The water part of the tour seemed like it was more for showing that the duck can go in the water and show the skyline than to point out new things, but it was fun.

After the tour, we walked over to the Garden to catch a cab.  We took the cab to Legal Harbor and had a leisurely lunch with, of course, lobster!  This too was a fabulous meal.  After we were close enough to walk back to the port.  Once back we said our goodbyes and got back on the ship.  One thing I forgot to mention that was an issue getting off the ship was there was a moving sidewalk taking us from the second floor of the cruise terminal to the main level.  At the bottom were two “pirates” posing for pictures.  This created a bit of a bottleneck because people got to the bottom and just stopped.  I had to tell people to “move it” because we were about to start stacking up if they didn’t!  Not very safe.

We got back onboard and decided to try out the pools.  The hot tubs were very hot, which is great.  The pool itself wasn’t bad either.  We have noticed that there weren’t many kids onboard so we asked our beverage server.  He said there were “ten” kids onboard.  While I realize this was an exaggeration, there weren’t many.  So far this cruise I have seen one baby, one small toddler and six or seven teenagers.  The staff says that it’s because school is in session and in August they had around 800 kids, but keep in mind the ship holds just under 3100 people.

Since we had to be in the Piazza at 7:00 pm, we went back to the room to get dressed.  After getting ready, we went back to the pool deck with a camera and took some photos of the skyline as we were pulling out.  The planes at Logan fly right over the ship and was quite an attraction.

We got to the Piazza about 10 minutes early and talked with some of the other couples.  Shortly after 7:00 we were escorted on our trip to the kitchen.  I will save all the details of the Chef’s Table experience for a blog when I return as you must have the pictures, but I have to say that is possibly the best $75 dining experience we have ever had.  Yes, some of the dishes we had at Remy were superior to some of these, but others here were superior to Remy’s.  We had nine appetizers in the kitchen with French Champagne and six courses in the dining room with three wines.  Just before dessert, photos were taken with each couple and the chef plus one of the group with the chef.  Then we had a fruit a cheese course with our own strolling musicians followed by dessert and finally cookies.  At the end of the dinner all the ladies were presented with roses, the photos and a cookbook which was signed by the chef and included the menu from the evening.

This dinner was amazing.  We took many, many photos, had lots of laughs and great conversation.  This experience was worth more than the $75 per person we were charged, that’s for certain.  We rolled up to our room after and passed out from all the food!

Tomorrow we will be arriving in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Another state and another lobster meal!

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