Welcome to St John, no, Enjoy your Day at Sea

Since our shore excursion for St John was already canceled, we decided to sleep in a bit.  We also had to change the clocks to be one hour later so we were losing an hour of sleep so this all worked out.  I still managed to wake up at 7:00 am.  We still were rocking gently but nothing really bad.  I opened the curtain to reveal a very dark, stormy looking sky.  It did still seem a bit windy.  What wasn’t making sense though was that we were going in a circle.  Or at least a big oval.  We were supposed to be at the dock around 8:00 am but it didn’t seem like we were going to make it.

We get to get coffee and breakfast and stopped to say hi to our stateroom host.  He said something about a day at sea and we blew it off, but that was the first clue.  Bill got coffee while I made a donation to the Susan G Komen for the Cure and the On Deck for the Cure.  With this donation, I was able to get an exclusive baseball cap.  Princess Cruises had a non-competitive 5K walk around the ship’s deck for the cause.  I am not prepared to do a 5K right now, but decided to at least make a donation.

The main dining room was our destination for breakfast this morning.  It was a good thing we got there early.  Shortly after arrival to our table, the Captain announced that after meeting with all of his senior officers we would not be calling on St John today.  The sea conditions are expected to worsen throughout the day and with everyone off the ship, they wouldn’t be able to leave port at will.

Here is where I don’t understand some guests.  I must preface this by saying we haven’t seen anyone upset or mad about this decision yet, however, I know on other sailings this has happened and the guests have gotten unruly.  Why would you want to try to make it in to port when it is overcast, rainy, very cold with high winds and most excursions canceled due to weather?  I’m much happier having a day at sea with high winds, not too much rocking and other activities onboard.

We did a little shopping and waited for the new Princess Patter to come out for the day.  Two of the new additions for the day included a Pub Lunch and morning trivia.  We decided to do the trivia and then go to lunch.  When we arrived, another couple asked us if we wanted to join them so we did.  Some of the questions were very challenging, but we were able to pull it off and win.  We decided to meet them later for a music trivia because that’s my favorite trivia!

The Pub Lunch was fun.  By far the fish & chips were the most popular dish.  It was ok.  We sat with a couple ladies in line so we could get a table faster.  Turns out they were both from Wisconsin!  One lives about 5-10 miles from my sister.  What a small world!

After lunch we went over to the music trivia, where we did really well, coming in second place.  There were two more trivia contests for the day and we decided to join our teammates again for that.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent at a rum tasting and at the martini bar for a bit.  We got back to our room at 6:29.  Our Ultimate Balcony Dinner was scheduled to start at 6:30!

This I have to say is another incredible deal on the ship.  We paid $100 for this meal.  Not per person, this is the total cost.  It was too cold to do the dinner outside, so we set up the table in the room.  A photographer came to the room and took pictures of us on the balcony (it wasn’t too cold for that just not for eating).  Tablecloths were placed on the table and our “coffee table” and then the table was set just as if we were in a private dining room.  Our server, Timothy and his assistant brought us multiple courses, starting with some canapés, then a crab cake tart, followed by a salad.  Then we had a choice of steak, lobster or surf and turf.  We both chose the surf and turf!  They had drawn butter, gravy and a mushroom sauce to choose from.  After we finished this course, our dessert was brought out.  Finally a tray of “cookies” which had some cookies plus white and dark chocolate treats.  This was all fabulous and we were stuffed!  I imagine Timothy would have left us alone during each course if we wanted that, but we enjoyed chatting with him and asking him questions about his job, ship life, etc.  This was a very enjoyable evening.  We didn’t finish in time for the Captain’s party but we did finish just in time for the next trivia contest and we left to get to Club Fusion.

This trivia contest would be a bit harder than we were used to as the DJ was picking the music.  We ended up victorious though and won ourselves a Princess Cruises water bottle to go along with the personal fans we got earlier!

After this we needed to switch clubs for the movie trivia.  For this one, we had to look at movie posters and name the movie.  The second part was to name the movie from the soundtrack.  We missed two of the songs, but got every poster correct!  Yes, we won again!!  This time we got a magnetic clip and our team got a bottle of champagne.  It was time to call it a night, but not before our teammate proclaimed his goal of the week.  He wanted to be known as “not those guys”, meaning when he walked into a trivia session, he wanted all the other participants to say “oh no, not those guys again” because we always win!

It was time once again to call it a night.  Tomorrow we should arrive in Halifax!

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