Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today we got up a bit later again, around 7:10 am to find we were already in port in Halifax. We spotted two other ships in port, a Holland America ship and a Seabourn ship. A few minutes after checking outside though, the Seabourn ship left port. Not long after this, Oceania Regatta pulled in and then the Carnival Glory docked. We didn’t know it at the time but Vision of the Sea was docked on the other side of us. This meant that five ships would be in port today This couldn’t be good.
We decided to forego breakfast and head out to town. It was 39 degrees Fahrenheit outside! Because we were not right at the terminal buildings, we needed to take a shuttle out of the port area. We tried to find an independent tour for ourselves but there wasn’t anything to be found. I would strongly suggest that if you know there will be three or more ships in port that you make certain you book something in advance, especially if the weather will be chilly.
Once we got off the shuttle, we headed into the terminal. There were quite a few shops in Pier 22. After walking through and just checking it all out, we went back outside. We walked to the next building to find the farmer’s market. Here we were able to get a nice breakfast before heading down the street a bit.
The wind was bitter cold. I had brought mittens and was glad I did. We made our way down to the Alexander Keith Brewery. We went inside and there was a gift shop to check out. This was a nice break from the wind. We pulled out a map and checked out how far everything was. Everything just seemed so far away with the wind so we decided to make our way back to the ship. We stopped at a liquor store to see if they had some local wines. After all we were supposed to go on a winery tour today before it was cancelled. We bought a few bottles and made our way back to the ship. It just was too cold to be outside any longer.
We took it easy over the afternoon and then got ready for dinner around sailaway time. There was a nice sunset over Halifax as we sailed off. Tonight we were having dinner in the Crown Grill. We were hoping this steak dinner would be better than the others we have had.
Dinner was very good. We again were stuffed when we were done with dinner. The steak was much better than the other two nights we had steak, however, it still had a different taste to it. We determined that this is just a personal preference and just didn’t taste like we are used to in the Midwest.
We had surf and turf again. So far we have had lobster every night of this cruise. Only one day left and we are not sure we will be having any tomorrow.

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