Running for Rescues

Last week a friend of mine asked me to fan a page of hers on Facebook.  The page is Running for Rescues.  I liked it and recommended it to my friends because I felt it was a good cause.  I hoped she would get more fans.  Despite the front she puts on sometimes, this friend is a softie at heart.  I asked her to give me more information about this non-profit organization.  She gave me their mission statement.

Running for Rescues

Running for Rescues is a non-profit dedicated to funding small grassroots organizations & individuals around the country, which rescue shelter animals that would otherwise be needlessly euthanized.  More specifically, we will pay for vetting, spay/neuter and transportation of these animals.  We reach out to the running community to network & do fundraisers for us by challenging themselves with any race or distance they choose.  We also invite non-runners to make a healthy lifestyle choice by committing to completing a local 5K – inspiring people around them to donate & perhaps begin an exercise program themselves. 

This was inspirational to me.  I have to admit, I am not a huge dog fan, but I do still like them and would never wish any harm to any animals.  I really love animals, but I prefer that they are pets of others.  This mission statement spoke to me in another way though.  In the past, my husband and I walked on a daily basis, but in recent years, we stopped doing that.  It was easier to decide to work instead of walking, but it’s something we have wanted to get back into.

My friend challenged me to do a 5K.  Now, she keeps saying “run a 5K” and I can guarantee you that is not going to happen, but I started talking to my husband about this.  I could walk a 5K if I really wanted to, but the question was, do I want to?

I asked her why she decided to start this non-profit organization.  She told me that she has always loved dogs (wolves, too).  Cats were ok, until she recently found a little kitten at work (who now has a home).  She has two rescues already and is worried if she brings home any more, she’ll be headed to divorce court!  She is a certifiable foster-failure because she doesn’t give them up.  Nearly every foster she’s gotten, she’s kept.  She kept thinking, there’s gotta be something more to do.  She’s been fundraising for a NYC-based organization for two years in a row but figured “this needs to be a nationwide effort”.  She said “There are so many people that do SO much more than I do… every DAY.  This money will go to THEM… to the vets they bring these animals to… to the people they give gas money to transport these animals.”  She also wanted to try and keep humor and fun with fundraising.  She is a runner herself and thought this would be a great way to give back.

I talked more with my husband and another friend about this possibility.  At first he didn’t think I could do a 5K, but the more we talked about it, we thought we both could do this.  Next step was to figure out when to do this.  There are lots of 5K races in our area year round.  I checked and I could do more than one Saturday, but obviously that is not happening.  My training so far consists of walking to the mailbox six days a week.

While any 5K would work, it would be more fun to do a 5K with friends.  Disney has a lot of running events, but the timing doesn’t work well with some of the dates.  We also have a number of other events and vacations already planned next year so an additional trip to Disney wouldn’t work very well.  A friend of mine mentioned the 5K on Castaway Cay as a possibility.  I clarified that this would count and it got me thinking.

The ToaD Fantasy sailing is scheduled for October 20, 2012 with a stop on Castaway Cay on October 26, 2012.  That would be a great time for me to do a 5K as there would be other friends there with me to do this.  I mentioned this to Running for Rescues and they thought this was a great idea!  So in addition to me fundraising with a 5K, I am going to challenge all of our guests to do the same.  More details will be released as we get closer to this event, but at a minimum we plan to make this a fundraiser for Running for Rescues and invite all of our fans to contribute by making a donation to the cause.  We will have gifts and prizes for all participants with a minimum donation.  If we don’t make it to Castaway Cay, we will hold the 5K onboard.

For more information on either donating for this event or participating, please email and we’ll update you when the information comes available.  For more information on the Running for Rescues organization, please contact


3 responses to this post.

  1. This is such exciting news, Tracy!! What an amazing event this will be!


  2. Posted by Kelly A on October 27, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    I am in both for running the 5k and the donations… All 5 of ours are rescues. They have given us more than we could ever give them…


  3. I love the idea. I’m most certainly in for donating and will have to see how the schedule looks for running the race.


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