To Fly or Drive

Generally when we are going somewhere, like for a cruise or to Disney World, it’s clear to us that we will fly with no question about it.  A few times in the last couple of years though, we have been faced with a dilemma — should we drive or fly to our destination.  This is always met with a pro/con list as there are advantages and disadvantages to both ways.  In one instance we flew, in the second we drove.  In the third, we planned to fly but changed our minds last minute.


You need to compare the cost not only of your ticket versus gas, but there’s also tolls, hotels if you can’t make it in one day, baggage fees, wear and tear on the vehicle, and parking versus shuttles/taxis.  Do you need a car at your final destination?  How much is a rental?  Is using a shuttle or cab convenient?


This isn’t always clear cut.  We chose to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando in part because it would take one-third to one-quarter of the time to drive.  I would rather relax in the airport and fly for the 3-4 hours than to be driving that long.  However we determined this before we knew what time we’d get done that day.  It turned out to be much earlier than we thought.  By driving, we will actually get to Orlando 2-3 hours earlier and won’t have to waste time waiting for our flight.


You know the saying, time is money.  This is very true.  Waiting for a flight is a waste of time, while driving all day is also a waste. You need to balance both or the best plan.  For me also, driving with lots of traffic is the last thing I want to do.  We once flew to Indianapolis because it was a holiday weekend and traffic would be bad.


Too bad to drive can be a problem but also a delay due to closed airports and cancelled flights can be worse.  Determine if you have leeway in your plans.

So far we have been happy with our decisions to fly or drive.  We hope the next one goes as well.

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