How I Can Save You Time

One thing that I have noticed in this business that was reinforced in some of the seminars I attended this week at Cruise World 2011 is that many of my clients don’t realize what I can do for you.  Some come to me for their Disney Cruise or trip to Disney World or any variety of cruises and stop there.

I had one client with a group going on a Disney Dream cruise who arranged their own flights but let me handle the transfers to and from the airport plus the cruise.  They didn’t think of having me handle the pre-cruise stay.  They arrived at the hotel and somehow the hotel was short a room for them.  In the end it all worked out with juggling of people but it was a stressful way to start the vacation.  While a travel agent cannot guarantee that will not happen, they will make sure you are all set before your trip, confirming with the hotel that there will not be any issues and being your advocate should something go wrong.

We can make your vacation plans as seamless as possible.  Not only can we make recommendations on arrival times, pre-cruise and post-cruise hotels, plus things to do in the area, we can arrange those same hotels, sometimes at a fraction of the cost that you can find them on your own, activities, transfers or car rentals and make your experience one you will never forget.

Take all the hassle out of your cruise vacation by prepaying your gratuities and shore excursions, arrive a day or two early to adjust to time differences, explore the area or just know you will make the cruise in case of any weather delays.  Stay a few extra nights before or after the cruise to get to know the area.  All in all, it will leave you more relaxed.  Let your travel agent help you!

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  1. Posted by Susan on November 5, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    Since I live in one of those port cities, I am always sad to see people rush in at the last minute and hop on their cruise. Pre-cruise stays (or post-cruise) always help put me in the mood – and also make sure our vacation time is completely relaxed.
    One time we chose to drive to our Disney cruise. We were set to arrive around 11am. An hour into the drive, we stopped completely. The turnpike was shutdown due to a huge accident, so we spent 4 hours traversing an area that usually only takes 15 minutes! By the time we arrived at the port we were worn out, stressed and not at all having fun on our first vacation day. Since then – we stay at least overnight! I also ask my travel agent about hotels. They have a ton of experience and have lots of details you can’t find on the websites. I am always wondering how reliable those online reviews are. Lots of places I love have people that hate them. Talking to my travel agent about our pre-/post-stays really makes a difference. Think about all the clients they book! I also like having another “stronger” voice if there is an issue with our reservation.


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