Videos from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Last week we were at Walt Disney World for a quick stay (about 11 hours of actual park time).  We made it to Magic Kingdom to see The Magic, The Memories and You plus Wishes the first night.  I took a short video of The Magic, The Memories and You when the snow started to fall on Cinderella’s Castle.

Next we watched Wishes.  I wasn’t going to take a video of Wishes because there are so many available and I was only using my DroidX, but at the end the Christmas lights on the castle were illuminated so we had to capture that.

We also set up Gowalla and Foursquare check in spots at all four parks.  In Magic Kingdom, the spots are by the Haunted Mansion in the Pet Cemetery.  Here lies Mr Toad.

In the morning we returned our rental car and walked over to Downtown Disney.  Because it was early, they were using the bus to Port Orleans to shuttle people from Downtown Disney to go to the parks.  The bus came fairly quickly and we were off to Port Orleans Riverside, West Depot.  I mention this because if you are staying at Port Orleans Riverside, you may want to avoid this bus stop in the morning (and any that follow it) as some had to wait for multiple buses for their park choice due to the number of people.  We ended up in a totally packed bus to Animal Kingdom.

At Animal Kingdom we set up the Gowalla and Foursquare check ins here:

We then got on a bus to Hollywood Studios.  Here of course we had to check in at Muppets 3DVision!

Finally we were off to Epcot and the ToaD Spot in Italy!  But first a stop in France for a slushie!

Of course no stop in Italy would be complete without visiting the Men of Via Napoli!

Thanks to my friends Brandie and Jaime for setting up the Gowalla check ins at Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

No trip to Walt Disney World in the fall would be complete without a visit to Epcot for the International Food & Wine Festival.  We spent the evening at Epcot, going to a mixology seminar put on by Di Saronno and Tia Maria.  We then worked our way around the World, stopping at various kiosks for food from Hawaii, France, Japan, Mexico, Ireland and more.  We stopped in America for the Eat To The Beat concert.  That night Air Supply was playing.

We enjoyed watching the concert and it was apparent that there were many fans who thought they were teenagers and the band were heart throbs!  We certainly weren’t even close to the craziest!  Here are some photos of Air Supply performing.

Although it was a very quick trip, we got to see a great friend and enjoy the parks for a bit, before heading back to the cold and snow of Wisconsin.

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