Car Rentals in Walt Disney World

This review is not all inclusive as we realize there are other agencies near Disney World.  We have focused on a select few that are the most convenient.

Our first choice for a car rental from Walt Disney World going any where, except for Port Canaveral, is Alamo.  There are two rental offices right on Disney property – one at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and the other at the Car Care Center near Magic Kingdom.  The nicest part about using Alamo is that they will pick you up at your Disney resort if you call them 24 hours in advance (when renting from the Car Care Center).  This is a great choice if you want to get a car to go to Sea World or Universal Studios for a day or you are driving in from elsewhere and want to stop at a grocery store, etc. before your stay at Disney World.  Alamo is not a good choice to Port Canaveral because they do not have a location close to the port with a courtesy shuttle at this time.  They do reimburse you for cab service, but this to me is just not as convenient.

Our next choice for general rentals and first choice for one way service to Port Canaveral is Avis, which is located at the Hilton on Hotel Plaza Boulevard.  We used this location on our last trip into Orlando from Fort Lauderdale.  We were staying at Saratoga Springs so this location was very convenient.  With its location so close to Downtown Disney, it is really convenient for anyone.  In Port Canaveral, Avis has a courtesy shuttle to the port for you as well.  This makes one way rentals many times less costly than any other transfers.  To show you how convenient the location at the Hilton is, we have a series of photos.  You will want to get off the bus at the Marketplace if coming to Downtown Disney by bus.  Otherwise, if you are at Downtown Disney already, you would go between Earl of Sandwich and Once Upon a Toy towards Hotel Plaza Boulevard.

Take one of the sidewalks on the circle in front of you and go in the front door of the hotel.  Turn to your left and pass the gift shop and a quick service restaurant to find the rental counter on your right.

When returning a car at this location, you will pull into the self parking lot, taking a ticket on your way and then make your way around the building to the back.  There will be signs where to park the car and go in to the desk.  There is a Downtown Disney Resorts bus stop in the back here as well if you want to use that to get to the parks.  We weren’t sure though how often it came and if we were the first or last stop on the way to the parks.

Our next choice would be Budget car rentals when going to Port Canaveral.  They also have a location on Hotel Plaza Boulevard at the Doubletree, though it is further down the street than the Hilton.  Hertz and Enterprise also are good choices though are a bit further away from Downtown Disney, but have a courtesy shuttle at the port.

In the interest of full disclosure, Travel On A Dream does make a commission with car rental companies and does have an exclusive discount code with Avis.  Our opinions however are based on our experience using these car rental agencies in the past.

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