Packing Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

I’ll admit it, I travel a lot.  It comes with the territory it would seem.  So you would think that I have this packing thing down pat.  It’s isn’t however, that easy.

I do have a standard packing list for cruises and one for land vacations, but a lot of modification has to be done each time to get ready for each individual trip.  You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult, but you have to take into account the entire trip and the purpose of the trip to figure out packing.

When we are just going on a cruise, we need to determine if formal wear is needed, swimwear, warmer clothes, cooler clothes.  The basics will always be the same — toothbrush, hairbrush, etc., but clothing could easily change.  We usually bring snorkel gear on cruises.  The last three we didn’t because the weather was too cold.

For land stays, the same applies.  If we are going for a conference, we have to dress more “business casual” than going to a theme park where we are “resort casual”.  Though the differences there are a whole different blog topic!!

Next there is the purpose you are going, where you are staying and what else you may need.  When I go to Florida and will be renting a car, I bring my GPS and my SunPass.  If we are using Magical Express, that’s not needed.  Shoe consideration is also important.  When we did our Panama Canal cruise, we were zip lining and walking through mud and water so we needed close toed shoes, but ones that would dry quickly, not get all messed up and have something else to wear until they could be worn again.

How about you?  What differences do you see in packing for different trips?

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  1. Posted by Susan on November 16, 2011 at 7:24 AM

    I have Excel packing list sheets for various versions of my trips:
    Cruise (car version and airplane version)
    Mom’s House

    Then I yes/no/N/A them appropriately in a separate column. Each time I have to bring something new, I just add it at the bottom of the packing list so it’s there if I need it next time.

    I am NOTORIOUS for packing at the very last minute. My last 11-night cruise I took departure day off of work and began packing once I woke up. Yep – the DAY of the cruise. Anyways, the packing list takes me less than 30 minutes to run through and gives me quick reminders so I don’t miss important things like toothbrushes and medicine.


  2. For vacations, there are three things on my list : wallet, camera, and my bag. Then, I fill the bag (I have two : 1 of 27L and one of 50L) with whatever I think is necessary until I can’t put anymore in it. But it’s usually for treks and backpacking so I don’t need as much as for a cruise or relaxing thing.

    For relaxing vacations, beach and such I take my 70L backpack and fill it the same way.

    For my mountaineering and winter mountaineering trips its harder. I have a very detailed list of what I need to bring and I check twice that I have everything.


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