Impulse Traveling

Never did I think that people actually were this spontaneous, but I have met a few lately that I would say are the most spontaneous people I know.

It started just before Memorial Day weekend.  A friend in Chicago mentioned on Thursday that she wanted to go to Walt Disney World for the holiday weekend.  If she had another person or two with her, they could split the driving and drive straight through, getting there Saturday morning.  They could then spend two days at Disney World, then drive back early Monday morning to go to work on Tuesday.  It was somewhat of a joke, but she wouldn’t have mentioned it if she didn’t want to really make it happen.  In just moments, another friend from Detroit said “I’m in”.  It took a little longer to find their third, but in no time they were planning their weekend in Disney World, to start the next day!

This inspired another couple of friends the Thursday before my weekend party in June.  They called Thursday night to see if it would be ok to come see us from Dallas, got in the car Friday night and ended up in Wisconsin by 2:00 pm on Saturday!

Yes, I know some crazy people!  I can’t imagine planning a trip that quickly.  I mean, what about the packing list?  What about hotel reservations?  So far they have been lucky and gotten a DVC room at Disney for these spontaneous trips, but I have gotten an email or two for last minute hotel rooms from similar clients.  It’s always fun to help because I get excited for them in their planning.

Given a three day weekend, the East Coast can be reached from the Midwest with a few drivers and a bunch of driving.  My friends have made treks to the Washington DC/Baltimore area, Delaware, New York City and Hershey, PA to name a few.  Where would you like to go on your next long weekend roadtrip?

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