The Twelfth Day of ToaDmas

We made it to the last day of ToaDmas!  We’ve experienced Hawaii with a cruise and Aulani stay, to a luxury sailing to Greece, all-exclusive resort in Jamaica, river boat cruise and other Disney destinations.  Unless you prefer to stay home all the time, there is a vacation destination for everyone and a professional travel agent is a great place to start.  Whether you are looking for a night or two in the city to catch a show or a 100+ day trip around the world on a cruise ship, a professional travel agent will ask you the right questions to help you choose the vacation destination that is perfect for you.

As a child, my Great Aunt Betty would tell me stories and show us all slides of her trips all around the world.  She had a group that she traveled with and they went to France, Germany and other various countries in Europe.  At the time I wondered if a tour was just for “old” people (as a child under 10 every adult was old to me!).  I couldn’t understand the draw to do this.  As I got older and planning trips on my own, you realized how many details were involved in some vacation planning.  Some things that we just don’t think of include getting to the airport, scheduling your flights, arranging transportation at your destination and a hotel.  Once there, you also needed to worry about meals and entertainment.  Now travel to a foreign country and there are even more things to worry about.  Customs (both kinds!), language barriers, money and safety are just a few.

A couple years ago I took my first organized tour.  This tour was with a group of people that I mostly knew with a few new people.  We told the travel agent our names and personal information, gave him a credit card and soon we were receiving information about our trip that was already planned for us.  Yes, it was a ready-made trip, but it fit our needs.  This ended up being our first Adventures by Disney trip for the Backstage Magic tour.

Today we conclude our series with a trip to the land down under on another Adventures by Disney vacation.  The Discover Down Under vacation from Adventure by Disney is an 11 night/12 day adventure with highlights being snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, hike around the base of the sacred Ayers Rock, explore Sydney by bike, learn to surf and visit the Sydney Opera House and a trip to Tasmania to zip line over eucalyptus trees, kayak in Coles Bay and have a private visit to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

When I say that Disney takes care of everything on an Adventures by Disney trip, that is an understatement.  From the moment you arrive at your starting destination, you don’t have to worry.  All Adventures by Disney trips include two guides with one a local guide in the area.  You will stay in top-notch accommodations.  All transfers during your tour are included whether they be by plane, train or motorcoach!  Most meals are included with the tour, but you are given some time to explore on your own as well.

Guides are available to help you with any questions or problems you may have.  They will provide background, guidance and fun throughout the adventure.  With an Adventures by Disney tour, you will get private options just for your group, backstage access and bypass lines.  For example on a tour in Rome, you may be able to get priority access to enter the Vatican.  If you’ve every waited in line to get into the Vatican, the line can wrap completely around St. Peter’s Square.

Another great part about the Adventures by Disney trips are the people that you meet.  We still keep in touch with the people from our Adventures by Disney tour, including those that we didn’t know before the trip.  They do a great job of getting everyone excited about the trip and helping you get to know each other.  Don’t worry about the kids either!  On this particular tour, the minimum age is 4 but it is suggested that the children should be at least 7 years old.  Activities are available just for the kids as well.  Don’t want to be with kids?  That’s ok too!  Select dates are exclusively for adults 18 and over only.

For today’s tour, we selected a family tour on June 20, 2012 through July 1, 2012.  For a family of four with two adults, a 12 year old and a 7 year old, the total price in one room would be $26,746.  Prices are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed until booked.  To hold a reservation, a $300 per person deposit is required.  The deposit becomes non-refundable after 14 days following the booking.

There are many Adventures by Disney tours offered throughout the world.  In January, I will be heading to Peru on an Adventures by Disney vacation.  I can’t wait to share my experience with all of you.  For more information on an Adventures by Disney vacation, please email us at for a quote or with questions or request a quote at Travel On A Dream. Your adventure awaits!


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