Disney Fantasy Float Out

I still remember the float out of the Disney Dream® in 2010. I was flying to Fort Lauderdale for a cruise that weekend. The float out was delayed so when we arrived in Atlanta I was able to get the live feed on my smartphone.

What is a float out, you might ask? A float out is when the ship yard takes the ship out of the drydock where she was being built. For a brand new ship, this is the first time that she will float in the water.

With the Disney Dream, this was a big event, with many visitors to the shipyard that day. Of course Disney makes this event special. Check out these two videos of the float out.

You can get a feel for the size of this ship by looking at its size as compared to the RVs at the water’s edge!

Following the float out, ships from Meyer Werft must move down the River Ems. This is a very narrow transit and many people will come to the shores of the river to see the new ship go by. Since the Disney Dream’s conveyance was at night, Disney added a special touch again.

This weekend will be the float out of the Disney Fantasy®. Originally scheduled for Saturday night, the float out has been rescheduled for 11 am on Sunday. This is 5 am Eastern Standard Time. Of course this is subject to change based on weather conditions. The transfer down the River Ems will take place mid to late January.

Do you plan to cruise on the Disney Fantasy in it’s inaugural season?

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Marc on January 5, 2012 at 6:01 AM

    Oh, yes! We’re booked on the Fantasy’s Maiden Voyage. First time on an MV and first cruise on one of Disney’s larger ships (a cruise on the Dream is booked later in 2012).


  2. Posted by Nick on January 5, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    Can you tell us where you saw the live feed for the Dream? I would wake up at 6am just to see it float out! Thanks in advance!


  3. It looks like the time was changed again. They are now saying 11 am or 5 am EST.


  4. I found the correct webcam link. Here you go! http://www.meyerwerft.de/index_e.html


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