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Happy Leap Day!

Even though ToaD thinks there should be a Leap Day every year, we’re happy to celebrate it once every four years!  Today is a great day to tell ToaD about how you will “hop” to your next vacation!

Will it be a cruise to the Bahamas or around the world?  Are you going to Vegas or Disney World?  What are you most looking forward to?  Time away from work to relax or seeing something new and different?  Tell us about it!

We hope today is ToaD-ally amazing for all of you!

More Photos of the Disney Fantasy

I want to thank Alan P Force for sending us these photos of the Disney Fantasy, taken from One Broadway, Manhattan this morning.

Welcome to NYC, Disney Fantasy!

I woke up early this morning and immediately opened every webcam of the New York City harbor that I could think of plus the Marine Traffic site as well.  It would still be over an hour before she came in, but I was going to be prepared!

All of a sudden, on the harbor cam, we could start to see her!  What follows are many of the photos I captured from this cam and the EarthCam located at the Statute of Liberty, plus a couple other locations.  I was told to get this out of my system before going to New York tomorrow.  Enjoy!

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Pretrip Anxiety

I swear it happens every time I am going away, even for just a day!  I think about what won’t get done while I’m gone, what must be done before I go, not to mention packing and getting ready!  So how do you deal with it?

The first thing is to prioritize.  Of course you have to pack.  I cruised once with a tablemate that didn’t have time to pack.  She thought she would have time to stop and pick up a few things on the way, but that didn’t happen.  She didn’t even have a toothbrush with her!  You obviously can’t leave out the time to pack, but getting a good list for packing is very important.  In general, people bring way too many things when they go on vacation.  I have gotten much better at this, usually only bringing home one or two items that didn’t get worn.  I try to pack a weekend beforehand and then reevaluate what was packed to be sure I will wear it.  I may end up pulling a few things out then.  With cruises, I evaluate how many times in the past I have used something (over the door shoe holder, binoculars, etc.) to see if I think I should keep it on my list or not.  I also look at the trip I will be on and how it will differ from others in the past.  For example, on my next cruise it will be a three night cruise.  We usually bring an over the door shoe holder, but I will not for this one since my husband isn’t going.

Next priority needs to be things that absolutely must be done before you go – stopping the mail, petsitters, verifying time off of work, paying bills that will come due while you are gone, things that if you don’t take care of them, you may not be going anywhere.  These are a high priority.

There are things that you would like to get done, but really aren’t a priority.  I don’t like coming home to a dirty house, so I like to clean before I go.  This, however, isn’t a must.  If something has to wait, the house will.  I will make sure dishes are clean, garbage is out, etc., but dusting, vacuuming, etc. can all wait.  Same with laundry.  Washing everything before I go is preferred, but if it doesn’t happen, vacation will still go on.

Remember too that in most cases, you can pick up forgotten items at the store on your way or once you reach your destination.  There are certain things though that are critical to have.  Your money/credit cards and any required documents (birth certificates or passports for cruises, photo IDs for planes, etc.).  I start a folder before most trips with my confirmations.  As I get closer to the trip, I put my passport in there if it is needed.  I also put in my boarding passes when I print them out.  I don’t leave the house without my folder!

You definitely want to do what you can to leave for vacation less stressed and to avoid the added stress when you return home, but remember, if you can get by with leaving something unfinished that will save you some stress in getting ready to go, it is worth it.

I better get packing!

I Want To Go On A Cruise!

Last night I went to bed and the snow started to fall.  Originally, they had predicted 3-5 inches of the white fluffy stuff, but had backed it off to 1-3 inches, starting around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  Since it hadn’t really started until around 8 pm, I thought we probably wouldn’t get much if any.

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland.  Here is the view from my kitchen window!

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Follow the Disney Fantasy to NYC

Last week, the Disney Fantasy set sail for her journey from Germany to New York City. It is so exciting to see reports from those onboard, including the official Video Journal from the Cruise Directors, Brent and Ray. You too can follow their journey here: Here are the videos so far.

Day One – Ready to Set Sail



Day Two – Clubs Just for Kids


Day Three – Dining at Sea


And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page to see any other non-official videos and photos that we can find for you!

We are looking forward to sharing our Fantasy becoming reality when we attend the Christening event in one week!

New Orleans Bayou Bash!

Looking for a fun way for children of all ages to enjoy Mardi Gras?  Head to Disneyland Park before March 11, 2012 to experience the New Orleans Bayou Bash!  Held in New Orleans Square on weekends between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, you will find great entertainment, special character meet & greets and food to enjoy.  Remaining dates include:

  • February 24, 25 and 26
  • March 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11

Here is just a sampling of what you can enjoy!

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