Disney Fantasy About To Set Sail

Yesterday, the Disney Fantasy® was blessed and soon she will be sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on her way to New York City for her Christening on March 1.  On Travel On A Dream’s Facebook wall, you can see a video of the Blessing of the ship.

We also found a photo of the Atrium on the ship, taken by a Crew Member.

I am really liking the coloring better than the artist rendering.  It looks much more subdued than the lime green suggested before.

Finally, we found some new photos posted on a German site with a slideshow inside the Fantasy.  You can find those photos here http://www.schiffe-und-kreuzfahrten.de/bildergalerie/disney-fantasy-160-bilder-des-neuen-disney-kreuzfahrtschiffs-waehrend-der-ausruestung/.

What we noticed is there aren’t many pictures of La Piazza, the entertainment district.  I can’t wait to see this area!

I wonder where this will be!  Can’t wait to find out — hopefully in a couple weeks.  What are you most excited so see on the Disney Fantasy?  Answer our poll on Facebook and join in the discussion!

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  1. Posted by Crista on February 20, 2012 at 5:54 PM

    Wow, that looks awesome! I have always thought that a Disney cruise would be the ultimate cruise. Hopefully some day that will happen 🙂 They are kind of pricey to say the least 😦


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