Disney Fantasy Staterooms

This is the final installment of our review of the Disney Fantasy.  We had an opportunity to check out some of the staterooms onboard, including each of the concierge categories, family oceanview, balcony and deluxe inside staterooms.  For those who have cruised on the Disney Dream, we did not see any changes to the staterooms so they will be familiar to you.

We started on deck 12.

No, this isn’t a secret deck on the Disney Fantasy.  This is the verandah for the Royal Suite (Category R)!  Private hot tub and space to entertain a few dozen of your friends!  As is the case with both the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, there are five rooms at the front of the ship that connect, including balconies so you could reserve the entire front of the ship!

This suite sleep five people.  It has a master bedroom suite plus a second bathroom and kitchenette, including a microwave and espresso machine!

Here is the grand entrance to the suite.

Next visited was a one bedroom suite on deck 11 (Category T).

Note the TV in the bathroom mirror!  The Category T suites have two bathrooms as well.

Connected to the Category T suites is a Category V concierge family stateroom with balcony.

The bathrooms in the Category V are the same as the family stateroom bathrooms though the trim and materials are upscale.

Next we moved to deck 6 aft and viewed a deluxe stateroom with verandah (Category 5D).  Other than the location on the ship, categories 5A through 5D will look the same.

This room will sleep four.  The connecting room was set up for bedtime for four.

Next we moved to the deluxe inside stateroom (category 10A).

I noticed that the graphics on the magical portholes seemed to change much more frequently than when we first saw the Dream.

Next we visited the family ocean view stateroom (Category 8D).

The difference in this room is the Murphy bed located behind the chair by the porthole.  This will be the same layout with the family stateroom with verandahs (categories 4A to 4D) except instead of the porthole, there would be a door to the balcony.

We have more pictures of these staterooms on our Facebook page.  Come check them out!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sarah on April 5, 2012 at 6:35 AM

    Did anyone happen to get some photos of 8A and the different room layouts of those? I’ve been told that depending on the room locaton and deck, some are almost ‘suite’ like.


    • I didn’t get photos of the rooms (they weren’t on our tour), but I did get a peek at two of them. They are the same as they are on the Dream. I looked at room 5022 and 5018. 5022, 5020, 5522 and 5520 are the ones with the wall divider inside. The rest of the them do not have the wall in the middle. All of these have a single bathroom.


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