Photos for Facebook – You Decide!

Over the past month we have been showcasing some photos from our Facebook friend, Leo DeCandia.  From a fellow photo enthusiast, I just love Leo’s perspective on his photos.  I wanted to share more of them with you, but also wanted you to get involved.  Help us pick photos for our Facebook wall!  I will post a few of these in the blog today, but want you all to go over to our Facebook wall and “vote” for your favorites.  Click “Like” on the ones you want to be the cover of our wall.  “Share” the photos you like on your wall and get your friends to come and like their favorites as well.  February 5 we will pick the photo with the most likes and shares through February 4, 2013 and put that photo as our cover.  We will also pick one person who either shared or liked the winning photo to get a Travel On A Dream gift.

_MG_7959_60_61_fused_tonemapped (Large)001

IMG_6926-1 (Large)029

IMG_6524_5_6_tonemapped-1 (Large)023

IMG_4742_3_4_tonemapped (Large)014

_MG_8563 (Large)003

_MG_8121_2_3_tonemapped-1 (Large)

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