Changes for Fall 2014 Disney Dream and Magic Sailings

We have received notice this morning from Disney Cruise Line about changes to the Disney Dream schedule for October and November 2014.  Here are the date changes:

dream change

The reason given for the date changes are that the Disney Magic is moving from Miami to Port Canaveral.  With this, the Disney Dream will alter her schedule to have sailings on Monday and Friday as they can’t have two ships at the terminal on the same day.

We have not been advised of the Disney Magic changes as of yet, but expect to get word this week.  We do know however that the sailings after October 21, 2014 of both the Disney Magic and Disney Dream will be changed.  Since we see that the Disney Dream’s schedule has been removed from the booking engine for the time being, we can see that sailings from November 17, 2014 on appear to not be changing.

Some are speculating that this will allow the Disney Dream to have her drydock in October or November 2014.  I do think the Dream will go to dry dock in November, but not that the sailings for the Dream in October be switched to be on the Disney Magic.  Hopefully this will become clearer in the next couple days.

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