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Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 5, Part 1

Today is our last full day in Seattle.  Two of my sisters asked for a ride to the airport this morning.  Since we’re headed back to downtown Seattle, and the airport is on the way, we agree (like we’d actually turn them down!)  It’s also a good opportunity to investigate the route to return the rental car tomorrow!

After the drop off, we head back into the heart of the city and find street parking before entering the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum. Ethan and I have been looking forward to this for weeks! In addition to being a music museum (current exhibits were Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and the Women of Rock), EMP was also featuring exhibits on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror while we were visiting. While all of these pop culture exhibits sounded interesting, the biggest draw for me was the throne from The Game of Thrones series on HBO. I couldn’t wait to get to sit in it!!!

The Iron Throne was constructed by Aegon Targaryen, the first king of the Seven Kingdoms. He made it from the swords surrendered by his enemies. Legend has it, it’s made of 1,000 swords that took 59 days to hammer out into a throne.

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I’m Dreaming of……… Zebra Domes

There’s been a flurry of planning lately in my home – several trips and several weddings taking place, all within the span of one year.

Of course, my brain can’t focus on the nearest one (my own wedding at the end of September!) but instead keeps jumping forward to next February and our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House.  The atmosphere at AKL is one of my favorite Disney things – the smells, sounds, sights, and tastes stay with you and make you long for more.

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Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 4, Part 1


Let’s go do some more touristy stuff first, yeah?

We planned to do the Argosy Harbor Tour this morning because there’s a 9:45 cruise (weekdays the first tour is 11:00) and that gets us back to Tacoma earlier to get ready for the wedding.

I love guided tours – I love that someone else has all the information and rattles it off to me, and if they’re funny and likable, all the better. Ethan does not like guided tours – he doesn’t like that someone else has decided what his level of knowledge will be about this new subject. So I was apprehensive about his enjoyment of this component of our City Pass.

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Trying new things at Cedar Point

Earlier this month, we made our second trip to Cedar Point for this season. No race. No events. Just going to ride rides and have fun. Summer weekends have held a reputation of being extremely busy. That in mind, we went expecting the worst. There were four of us this time around (a good number for touring a coaster park, in my opinion) and none of us had any great aversions to riding anything.
As usual, the best intentions of mice and men often go astray. Even though I set the alarm plenty early to get ready, enjoy the complimentary hot breakfast at the hotel, load the car and be to Cedar Point by the 10am opening, we didn’t make it until well after 11. I cannot recall ever parking so far away from the entrance gates. It was almost ¾ of a mile walk after I parked the car, which isn’t bad when you are starting your day. But if you make trips to the car for food, beverages, sun screen reapplication, etc., then you definitely feel it. And the journey out at the end of your day seems like mile 25 of a marathon across a desert of asphalt.

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Removing The Mystery – Disney’s Magical Express

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog is from our agent Nicole Riley.  To contact Nicole with questions or a quote, email her at  All artwork ©Disney. 

Magical Express is a great service that Disney offers free to their resort guests.  Magical Express offers transportation to your resort and back to the airport.  There are a few added benefits that add to the experience over other shuttle services.  First of all, it is a free service.  So be sure to have your travel agent add it to your reservation if you are flying.  You simply need to provide your travel agent with your flight numbers and carrier, and you are good to go.  Besides it being free, Disney will also handle your luggage for you.  Details about the program are below.

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Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 3

Today is Saturday and we’re up bright and early because we have a 4:00 wedding rehearsal for my daughter that we kinda can’t miss!

Seems like the perfect time to go wandering off to the shore, doesn’t it?

There’s lots of water to be found near Seattle, but we wanted OCEAN, not Bay, Sound, or Lake. By looking at a map, I was able to set the GPS to a place called Gray’s Harbor (they had a lighthouse…) and we figured we could wing it to the ocean from there.

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MyMagic+ and FastPass+

We’ve been hearing a lot about the MyDisneyExperience and the MagicBands lately, with testing of the MyMagic+ at Walt Disney World.  Last week, we had a blog from our friend Tiffany who was able to test the system.  Today I have information about using MyDisneyExperience to set up your FastPass+ selections, based on current testing going on.  Of course, this is all subject to change at anytime and as the testing continues and we move closer to the general use of MyMagic+, I fully expect that things will still change.

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