Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 3

Today is Saturday and we’re up bright and early because we have a 4:00 wedding rehearsal for my daughter that we kinda can’t miss!

Seems like the perfect time to go wandering off to the shore, doesn’t it?

There’s lots of water to be found near Seattle, but we wanted OCEAN, not Bay, Sound, or Lake. By looking at a map, I was able to set the GPS to a place called Gray’s Harbor (they had a lighthouse…) and we figured we could wing it to the ocean from there.

The drive was between 1.5 – 2 hours. We actually manage to find the lighthouse (we’ve not had good luck trying this in the past).

We get closer and talk to the guides – for $5 you can climb to the top. AFTER THE MARKET YESTERDAY??? Forget it! One of the guides asks where we’re heading and we tell him we want to see the ocean. He gives us directions to a beach we can walk on, just a few miles south of the lighthouse. He says there’s a kite festival going on, it should be easy to find.

Best advice we ever got! We spent at least an hour wading in surf… it was wonderful!

Driving back, we’re lamenting the fact that we both had planned on wearing these pants to the wedding rehearsal… “What’s that fish smell?” So time’s a little tight heading back, since we now have to go back and change clothes.

The drive back to Tacoma is easy and before we know it, Mt. Rainier is back in our sights!

My daughter’s wedding is taking place at the Best Western Premier Plazas Hotel in Puyallup, WA. The wedding will be in one conference room and the reception in another. Tonight we meet in the room where the wedding will be. A layout of the chairs has been set up, with chairs missing. I joke about how I like the “mosh pits”.

Logistics were worked out for the ceremony and then we all went out for pizza. Stephani had pre-ordered gluten-free pizza for Ethan and I. It was not great. They did family style salads, so I asked for one without croutons for us and then spent half the meal guarding it from my sisters.

Tomorrow is the wedding – and our Argosy Boat Tour!

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