Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 5, Part 2

Ethan and I are in the middle of touring the EMP Museum in Seattle, WA. We have just entered…


“Take a picture of that”

“And that.”

“And that.”

Oh, no, wait, the Superman stuff was for me!

“Take a picture of that.”

Somehow, we end up coming OUT of the ENTRANCE to the Sci-Fi room. We find ourselves back in the Sky Church viewing area – huge screen on the wall where they show all kinds of musical video. Well, I found myself there with all these other people

watching Heart

while Ethan got sidetracked by a gift shop. I backtracked to the gift shop and looked around while he bought a couple of magnets.

JAIME: Honey, did you see the Game of Thrones merchandise?


We head into the center of the museum “Take a picture of that” – I want to say this is Jimi Hendrix’s guitar (you weren’t there, you won’t know) and a tower of guitars that “played itself”

Ethan does not look really thrilled listening to the sculpture…

Next we traveled through the Nirvana exhibit… my apologies to any Nirvana fans – this is the only photo –

To be fair, the next exhibit was Women of Rock and that also warranted only one photo –

The exhibits were interesting, just not anything I needed photographic proof of, you know?

Next up, we needed a little nourishment. The museum bar/food area is called POP Kitchen. Gluten free is not something that was happening… Ethan found a bag of chips that were gluten free, and I may or may not have found a very gluten-FILLED cookie, but since there’s no photographic evidence, and neither one of us is talking, it may or may not have happened. (But if it did, it was delicious!)

The last exhibit we went to was a collection of musical instruments hooked up to computers, so you could be taught to play a variety of instruments. Ethan already plays most of these anyway, so he had a blast!

We really enjoyed the EMP Museum – it lived up to our expectations! Lots of fun!

Time to head south to the Museum of Flight!

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