Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding: The Forgotten Tour

One of the Seattle City Pass attractions we toured this summer was the Pacific Science Center.  The description sounded interesting (Pacific Science Center inspires a lifelong interest in science, math and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative exhibits ), but it was mostly geared towards families with younger children, so we were left a little bored… with a few exceptions…

Do you like huge butterfly exhibits? This was the largest one I’d ever been in – and these butterflies knew no fear! I, on the other hand, am freaked out by butterflies (I know it’s weird, but picture one without the wings – that’s one huge BUG!) so I was trying not to scream the entire time as they kept dive bombing me!

The rest of the exhibits I remember very little about (it was a lot of science experiment stuff you’d see in any children’s museum). There was a cool bee exhibit – a hive built in between 2 pieces of glass with a tube to the outside for the bees to go get pollen. There were exhibits on insects, electricity, music, exercise, puzzles, and nutrition.

The best part of the museum, we thought, was that the City Pass ticket came with a viewing of a 3-D movie. The movie playing while we were there was on the Hubble Telescope. It paired nicely with the space section at the Museum of Flight later in the week!

Over all, the Seattle City Pass was a good deal – we saw a lot of places and saved some money doing it. We went places we wouldn’t have gone if we had just been touring without a set plan. We agreed we’d like to try some of the other cities offered by City Pass in the future.

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