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Dress Rehearsals Held at the New Fantasyland

Editor’s Note:  This blog is brought to you by our agent Erin!  Thanks Erin!

This past weekend at the Magic Kingdom guests were welcomed into the Enchanted Forest area of the New Fantasyland expansion.  As you enter the Enchanted Forest, the first attraction is Enchanted Tales with Belle where selected guests become part of the tale being told by Lumière. Guests wind through the pathway leading to Belle’s house.  Inside you will find a checkerboard table and chairs, stacks of books and a reading table by the fire place.  Then a certain number of guests are allowed into Maurice’s workshop where drawings of his designs are tacked on the wall and completed projects can be found around the room. After a little story telling guest then travel the magic hallway to the bedroom in Beast’s Castle where Madame Armoire is waiting to help with the assignment of roles.  Once all of the roles have been assigned to children and adults everyone then enters the ballroom where Belle and Lumière are waiting to tell the tale of Beauty and the Beast.

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