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Reimagined Disney Magic – Part I

We just returned home from our two night preview cruise on the Disney Magic following her six week dry dock (which became seven).  Before I start my review, I will disclose that I did not pay full fare for our cruise, we were part of the travel agents and media that were invited to sail on the Disney Magic for this two-night sailing.  The opinions however are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Disney Magic at Port Canaveral

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A Few Miscellaneous Notes on the Disney Fantasy

Before going on the Disney Fantasy for the Magical Preview Cruise, a number of clients submitted some questions they wanted me to check out.  Here are the random questions I received and what the answers are.

Character Breakfast on the Western Caribbean Sailings

For the Western Caribbean sailings in the past, the Disney Magic arrived in Key West late morning so a character breakfast was possible.  With the current schedule for the Disney Fantasy, there isn’t a later arrival at the four ports of call so it was not clear when the third character breakfast would be.  While onboard, I was told that they are still finalizing this.  Hopefully, we will hear from this week’s cruisers about what happened.

Activities For 18 Year Old in High School

I checked with the Vibe and with the Cruise Staff regarding this issue.  It is true that 18 year olds who are still in high school will not be permitted to enter the Vibe, even if they have siblings or friends in the club.  Right now, there is a 18 – 21 year old club onboard, that will meet the first night of the cruise.  They will then plan the events that the group will take part in throughout the cruise.  This obviously isn’t the best answer, but hopefully if there are many high schoolers in the group they will have activities geared more towards the high schoolers.  The nice part about this group is it is tailored to fit the group each week.

Switching Age Groups

This is not permitted.  I asked about a child moving up to a higher age group and was told that the only time this happens is in the Edge to the Vibe with a 13 year old, with parental permission.  I specifically asked about children who are developmentally disabled or who are mentally much younger than their actual age.  I was told that the counselors will work with these children to make them feel welcome and fit in to the appropriate group, but they will not allow them to change groups, up or down.

Stairs in the Back of Cabanas

There is a set of stairs in the back of Cabanas, on both the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  These stairs go down to deck 10 and are accessible to guests.  The door for these steps on deck 10 is not labeled in any way so in a way it’s kind of a secret!

Reservations for Dinner in Cabanas

During some of the preview cruises, it was reported that guests were told they would need to make reservations to dine in Cabanas in the evening.  This is not going to be the case on regular sailings.  Dining at Cabanas is for walk ins only, reservations are not needed (nor to they take them).

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The costume sizes in Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique are children’s sizes only.  There are no adult sizes for these.  The costumes that can be selected are on display in the boutique.  There are also photos of different costumes at the counter to select.

If you choose one type of appointment and then change your mind before the appointment, you will not lose your existing reservation time slot.  In other words, if you reserved the “Pirate Face Transformation and Costume” but later decide you just want the “Pirate Face Transformation”, that’s ok.

Children Under 18 Years Old in Europa

This was  a big concern for clients who’s children would be the ones in Diversions on the Classic ships.  You know, to see the big games of the week.  O’Gills Pub is the sports bar on Disney Fantasy.  Originally I was told that no one under 18 would be allowed in this area, regardless of the time of day.  That is not the case.  In La Piazza and O’Gills, children under 18 years old can go into these clubs before 9:00 pm.  After this time, however, it is adults only.  Additionally, there may be shows in The Tube for the entire family.  If so, that would be noted in the Navigator.  If not noted, the shows and entertainment in the rest of Europa are restricted to those over 18 years of age, regardless of the time of day.

Any other questions?  Just let me know!

Castaway Cay Cabanas Now Online

Effective immediately, the cabanas on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay are available to book online.  They can be reserved at the same time as other shore excursions, adult only dining or spa appointments.  In order to prebook, your reservation must be paid in full and wait until the appropriate date.  For concierge guests and Platinum Castaway Club members, this is 120 days prior to sailing.  For Gold Castaway Club members, your prebooking date is 105 days prior and Silver Castaway Club members at 90 days prior to sailing.  If you have never cruised with Disney before, you can do these bookings at 75 days prior to sailing.

Cabana Rental at Castaway Cay

On our recent Disney Cruise, a friend asked if we wanted to share a cabana at Castaway Cay. It sounded like a great opportunity for a review, so we were in! The first thing we had to do was get enough people to cut down the cost. I went to Guest Services and asked for information on what was available and pricing. There was one cabana on the family beach available and all four on the adult beach.

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